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I cant figure this out to save my life. Can somebod take a peek at this and tell me if this is right. I cant get the controllers to come up/up they are always up/down. I put them on a 2821 and they come right up. I do show them up/down but they never...

Hi Allwhats up gold picked up my serial inteface on my internet router as being 1.54mbs.this is not the case, its only 1mb so the graphs are inacurate.when I do a sh int it says bw is question is where is that being picked up from?#sh int ...

Any good white papers regarding amount of bandwidth needed for a corporate site. I understand that many factors are involved but I need to come up & present to management the need to increase the amount.Thanks in advance !

smartin by Level 1
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HI.. can anybody tel, how to implement QoS using GUI plzzz... I'm new to cisco, where i have to configure QoS in customer place.. Can anybody help in this?

singhamey by Level 1
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Hi Experts I have 4xE1 links between two sites. 2 are terminated between two routers and the other 2 are termianted on the other 2 routers. These E1 links are for our backup to a 100Mbps Microwave primary link. I'd like to make the 4xE1s to be 1 link...

bericaleb by Level 1
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Hii have three branches its connected through Leased Line and eigrp as routing protocol.i have 2 mbps bandwidth in Ho.i wish to limit the bandwith 1 mbps to my branch offices.its possible.please help me to solve thisMohanINDSYS

Hey guys,I'm sure this will be easy for you but for some reason I can't get my head around it.I have two routers routerA with Cable modem and routerb with t1 linkI'd like to configure it so that if the link to the t1 goes down traffic will go out the...

Hi,I am finding it difficult to select a HUB router for DMVPN (Hub-Spoke topology) where there are 42 spokes with ADSL2+ connections and a 100Mb Ethernet at the HUB site. Will a Cisco 2821 router be enough to handle that amount of VPN traffic or will...

cco4mike1 by Level 1
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Hello everyone,I tested the following compositions.Client ---------- Cisco 1812・Cisco 1812 config(Excerpt)!!interface FastEthernet0 ip address ip access-group 100 in duplex auto speed auto!ip forward-...

r.ogawa by Level 1
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One of my network locations is losing their direct internet connection and I need to keep them up by routing all of their internet traffic to a second location that has internet connectivity. The two networks are connected via T1 lines.The two cisco...

larry by Level 1
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