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HiI have 2 routers with 1 Mbps internet connection on each. Now I have to do the load balancing between these routers without any inetrnet load balancer.Please suggest how can I achieve this ???

Hi,I have a cisco 2811 with a hwic card (4-port FE Switch HWIC ). Is there any limitation in the configuration of that kind of hwic card ? Does it provide the same performance and command granularity than the two integrated fastethernet ports ?

Hello,I have a strange problem here , have hub router with 2 branches, ospf is running between the hub and the branches only Hub advertising the LANs between the branches and sending default route also by default information originate what I need now...

Dear sir,We are getting the following traffic in some of our routers. When i give "show ip cache flow" i get the following out put.================SrcIf SrcIPaddress DstIf DstIPaddress Pr SrcP DstP PktsFa0

Greetings,We recently migrated our edge routers to 2 seperate BGP connections to 2 seperate ISP's. Our routers are running firewall feature set.While we were going throught the issues with the ISP's we had an IP Inspect ftp statement on the inside in...

rmcole by Beginner
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Resolved! frame-relay lab

Hi All, Thank you for taking the time to read this. I setup the frame relay lab scenario from the follwoing link, would like to modify the configuration so that I can ping from Aton to Prasit wit...

dhalevi by Beginner
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MPLS TE there are two path creation using MPLS TE 1. Explicit Path , 2. Dynamic Path.If I configure the Explicit path, It depend on the IGP?, Am I configure the RSVP to configexplicit path?In my throught, When I using Dynamic path, I must enable the ...

syjeon by Beginner
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Hi, I am facing an strange problem. I am using cisco 2621XM router. Router fast ethernet 0/0 is able to ping its ip itself but not ping LAN network users ip on the same subnet & vise-versa. Port status is showing up when network cable is plugged and ...

I m having one 2811 Cisco router for internet connection. There is a firewall between router & Lan. Firewall & Router are connected via public IP. NAT is done on Firewall which is hiding my whole lan behind one public ip(i.e. ip on firewall interface...

Hi AllI have the following Wireless Router Cisco Aironet 1240AG and I have a SONY VIO N320-E/W Laptop.It shows me under the available wireless networks and when I try to connect to it it fails and after diagonizing the problem I get the following mes...

Resolved! BOOTLDR question!

Hi - I noticed something that maybe someone can explain to me if this is unusual or normal. Notice that the IOS version is not the same as the BOOTLDR version even though the router has the boot system command.------------------------Cisco IOS Softwa...