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I am administrating and ISP and now we have more than 10 different networks separated and independent one another.My idea is to centralize all the network and become one bigger operator.For that I'm thinking in deploying all servers and internet conn...

Hi,can you provide a layer3 Switch which will be having all the features listed below.Features::1. Port Density: L3 switch with 12 *1 0/1 00/1000- T or 12 * SFP + Expandable to 12 *10/100/1000 or 12 * SFP or 1 * l0G In Future.2. Fiber Modules: 4 SFP ...

jachowda by Level 1
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I just bought a new 2811 router with the security bundle along with a 3g wireless hwic card. IOS version as shipped is 12.4(9)T6 but from what I can tell this hwic requires at least 12.4(15)T. Does anyone have experience with this card that can ver...

volleyman by Level 1
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Hi there -I have a 3600 series router with a two T1 PPP Multilink group and I notice input errors on the multilink interface, but not on the physical interface.Any ideas as to what causes this? I've seen similar posts, but nothing definite as to what...

brobinson by Level 1
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It had been quit sometime the Cisco visio template do not update with latest drawing for GSR router. I can fine the GSR12404 chassis and RPR2 diagram.Where can I log support call to ask Cisco to provide it ?Or here anyone have it and provide it to me...

tckoon by Level 1
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Hi!Is there a way to setup redundancy for created l2tpv3 tunnel?I have find some documentation (L2VPN)where is stated that this can`t be done for l2tpV3, but I hope that there is some way arround :)thx

Dear friends,My company has since January 2008 a new ASN and range IP, that RIPE NCC has provided.The issue is that CANTV that is a service provider of Venezuela have blocked this range ip from the year 2004. I and my providers of transit ip have tri...

redcoruna by Level 1
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Can anyone explain me what's the cause of the error message?IP laptop --> Router --> can ping to the router.This is the sh run output... So I have community strings:!snmp-server community public ROsnmp-server community pri...

Resolved! WAN

Hii wanted to know that i have cable internet at home how can i access my router from office my router is a 2620 which has 1-wicT and isdn briU in its slots where do i connect the internet connector which is coming from a modem what is Isdn BRI U mod...

I have 2 circuit in site A. 100MB internet circuit with VPN tunnel to site B and a 4MB MPLS circuit to site B. How can I have a redunducy in site A using VPN & MPLS. If MPLS fails all the traffic to site B will go through VPN. If VPN fail all ttraffi...

I am running HSRP between two Internet routers, both are connected to different ISP's. Behind these routers I have a Cisco PIX, where I have natted my private IP to a Public IP of specific ISP (of range 203.197.x.x.). How can I acheive internet redun...

I have an older 2621 router with a WIC-1ADSL card installed. When I look at the card, all three lights (CD, LP, OK) are faint. The router is running the newest 12.3(26) IOS software (c2600-i-mz.123-26.bin). When I do a show interfaces command, the...

cisco by Level 1
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Hi for all supporters out there :).well...I got a cisco 877 k9 router.And it's seems that the wan interfaceA-K-A atm0 is not workingIn addition whenever I turn it on(no shutdown) it's "clicking" like a little clock every 5 secondsThe configuration is...

ofir by Level 1
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