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secondary default route

Hello, I have a site to site VPN from my cisco asa’s to another customer - it works fine and both tunnels can ping the remote IP address I have routing to the customer subnets from my internal Layer 3 switchsw1-Layer3#ip route 10.108.x.x 255.255.255....

ohareka70 by Participant
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Boost license issue on ISR4221 router

Hi there, I have an issue when I try to install the generated .lic file associated to the PAK using the license portal. I used the UDI S/N (show license udi)When I install the file on the 4221 router, it seems the S/N does not match the UDI S/N I use...

s.couland by Beginner
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ip arp gratuitous

Hello,  I just found this command  ip arp gratuitous none  I understand the ip arp gratuitous make update to the ARP table immediately when connect on port in the Router or switch. Is this right ?So if we used none here what this will mean ? and this...

Resolved! BGP & Static route

We have a single ISP. We connect to that ISP via a 1G fibre ethernet connection into a private MPLS network. This uses BGP routing for the fibre ethernet.We are thinking of utilising a backup connection (using VRRP) to the same ISP into the same MPLS...

louis0001 by Participant
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NAT overload not working as expected

I have a CISCO1921 with IOS 15.3(3)M5 and its behaviour differs from what I would expect from the config.Overview: local network for clients (no overload, web access via proxy, see below) local network for guests10.4.14.0/24 l...

ac5nwdude by Beginner
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Cisco ASA VPN hub to spoke to 70+ sites for failover

Hello, I've got a project where the customer has over 70 sites that pretty much all use draytek vigor routers and these all connect to our network for l3vpn on the mpls. However, they want to plug in a 4g dongle to each of these drayteks for failover...

Gallain by Beginner
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Resolved! Nexus - BGP --> EIGRP route-map problem

Hello expertsI have facing a problem on the redistribution backgroundin my company mainly EIGRP, but recently we have 1 site setup VXLAN, so some of the Eigrp router they need to exchange the route will becomes  EIGRP---> BGP ---> EIGRP  but seems th...

perkin by Beginner
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Resolved! BGP aggregate address?

 I'm using the above topology in GNS3 and I'm trying to use the aggregate address command on the edge routers to advertise all of the networks but I'm running into something I don't understand.   If I do it this wayEdge1#sh run | s bgp ro...

2020-10-27 16_10_11-TEST1 - TEST1 - Remote Desktop Connection.png

Resolved! OSPF did not creat a neighbors relationship

hi i am trying to work on my project on gns3 I do everything right but i can't see the OSPF neighbors relationship  between my router and Layer 3 switch Topology and configuration as follows Router 1 connects to L3S on interface Eth1/0L3S connects to...

solmix by Beginner
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Cisco ASA 5506x OSPF Issue ASA 9.14

Hi, I am having an issue with a Cisco ASA 5506X and ospf routing and running ASA 9.14.The Cisco ASA is connected to edge router and learning default route from the edge router. The adjacency is established between the router and the ASA in full and r...