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Hi, Have any of you ever dealt with PDSN issues? I have a customer that has a PDSN (cisco). He is advertising foreign agents. However, he wants packets to his roaming partner to be sourced from the VRRP address, not the physical IP address of the ...

lgontarsk by Beginner
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Cisco 1811 questions before purchasing

Hello!We currently have a HS Internet connection w/static IP address coming into our office & plugging into a Cisco PIX 501. We want to get another HS Internet DSL connection from different carrier for redundancy. 1) Literature on the 1811 indicate...

bsallison by Beginner
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Redistributing BGP into OSPF

We are multi-homing between two different providers on two seperate routers. We want to redistribute BGP routes into OSPF, we have done this and it works but the default route that we get from the carrier isn't going into OSPF. I have put in both t...

rraver by Beginner
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2 isp plan

PLAN- planning to have two (isp) for internet connectivity high availability.- host our own website- host our own mail server- all will be located on a DMZ and will be natted to an external public IPPROBLEM;- 2 diff isp will provide diff block of ip ...

Change IP NAT Address

HelloI have a printer on a LAN which had the ip of This ip is currently nat'ed to on the router. The printer ip has since changed to This new printer ip must now be nat'ed to on the same router.I c...

PPTP through 2610 router

Hi all. I have a branch location that needs its employees to have the ability to create PPTP VPN connections to connect to public servers, etc. The 2610 router currently has a box to box vpn connection to HQ. How can I allow all LAN nodes to pass ...

Output drops increasing on ATM

Hi,I have a weird issue . . . On a router connected to a passport via an ATM card, I was seeing the link flapping, and I was able to see these flaps occuring while in the router and in the logs. After checking the interface, I was seeing increasing...

Resolved! Creating Loopback interface on production routers

Hello everyone,I have two questions:What are the repercussions of configuring loopback interfaces on routers running in full production with various routing protocol i.e. EIGRP & OSPF.If there are, is there a way that we may avoid those issues and st...

hashsham1 by Beginner
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