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Hi, Please refer to the attached image. I have configured aggregation on switch2 but for some add reason the subnets which is part of the supernet do not show up as suppressed eith locally. on swicth2 or on swicth4. Shared below is the output from sw...


Hi team,after copying a config file from tftp to cisco router, in order for the config file to be applied, I reload the device. is there a command to quickly force the config file to take place? I did the followings and still the config file wont app...

Hello,I'm trying to configure a BGP process between a 6824 and two Infoblox DNS nodes (AnyCast with BGP).  At another site, we filter incoming BGP advertisements with route-maps like so (this is from Nexus 7K):neighbor remote-as 65000timers 3...

In Packet Tracer I want to configure Cisco ISR4331 router to use RADIUS authentication for vty lines and console..Maybe it is limitations of Packet Tracer or limitations of my understanding AAA topic, but can it be configured completely without any l...

DrByte by Beginner
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I am trying to set up a BFD multihop session for a BGP peering for a service connected (VNF) in a VXLAN fabric on a Nexus 9K to VNF connected via vPCSession source loopback interfacesOn one Leaf all sessions are in the UP state, on the other in the D...

uchard by Beginner
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Hello, Cisco Community, I have a simple OSPF configuration, two core switches connected via a P2P link. One at our HQ and the other at our DR site. I need to route an off-network subnet into OSPF, as the network is not currently available within the ...

aavnet89 by Beginner
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I have 2 BGP neighbors. One has a weight value of 20, and the other 10. When one has a problem, the traffic chooses the other as the best route. When the problem is fixed, the weight value does not return to 20, it just becomes up. What can I do to g...

Fernandes by Beginner
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