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ISR 4331 SVI disabling

I deploy ISR 4331 Routers with a SM-X-ES3-24-P installed (EOL, I know, we're working to move to a new module eventually) to multiple offsite platforms that all have identical (minus IPs and names) configurations. Lately, I've had two separate platfor...

JD West by Beginner
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Physical Dimensions ISR 4461

Can someone please provide the actual dimensions of the ISR 4461, the data sheet ( lists the incorrect height, which makes...

I couldn't apply ACL on SVI Cisco ESS-3300 Switch

I have  Switch ESS-3300 NCP Version 17.06.02 (Network-Advantage)I want to apply ACL, but I couldn't apply it on interface Vlanthe configuration as shownswitch1(config)#interface VLAN 4switch1(config-if)#ip access?% Unrecognized commandwhen trying to ...

B-Mac by Beginner
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Resolved! BGP Flowspec and RTBH

Hello and welcome to all of you.Please can someone help me to understand the BGP RTBH and FLOWSPEC. actually i have read some documents but not understanding. If anyone have GNS3 or EVE-NG lab including config file. Please help me to understand this ...

seddeeq4 by Beginner
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CISCO 2951 Router Reboot

Hello,Has anyone had an issue with a CISCO 2951 Router rebooting itself. When checking the show version for last reload, I am getting this following error: System returned to ROM by address error at PC 0x652B79C, address 0xDEADBEFB. Any insight on th...

OSPF flapping

I am having a problem in my OSPF network. I have a connectivity with my ISP via OSPF that connects us to a remote site but the neighborship keeps flapping. The neighborship is via a sub-interface, there are 3 other subinterfaces on the same physical ...

misaleh by Beginner
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4321 router boot problem

hi,suddenly I ahve problem with router after power outage .... stuck in loop. Any way out of this? Initializing Hardware ...Checking for PCIe device presence...%ERROR: Critical device not found on 00:02.00doneSystem integrity status: 0x610Rom image v...

Resolved! Is ASA in packet tracer restricted?

Hello, I am a learner who just started to study ASA(5506-X) with packet tracer 8.0.1. I tried some commands with my book but I have faced troubles because some commands are not supported like "show conn", and "logging enable". So I found all availabl...