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Hi, I'm new at networking, currently i have ISR4331 working as Router and i have Juniper EX2300 working as L3 Switch that will be my local gateway of my each VLANS i have.Here's the look of my current topology I have problem where from all of my inte...


Resolved! NAT before IPSEC

I'm struggling to determine how to configure NAT on my C8200 and CSR1000v to support the following scenario. I have hosts in (identified as being behind R1)  that need to establish a connection to hosts in (identified as...

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How do I replace the sensor that is broken?Is it a module or is the entire switch? fault code f0449topology/pod-1/node-111/sys/ch/subslot-1/sup/sensor-5 Temperature:  -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------...

Created a link aggregation on three switches but when i connected my computer to the switches to talk to one another it isnt working. where did i go wrong? below is my cisco packet tracer information.

Hi everyone.So I have an assignment where I have to control several IoT items from a smartphone through a radius server service. However, even before trying to configure it properly, I am having problems to create a connection between the server and ...

How can I achieve reachability from vlan terminated on the L3 switch to routed port on the router, FW?F.Eint vlan 10,50 are the SVI's on L3 switchvlan 10 - /24 vlan 50 - /24vlan 50 is the native vlan on trunk link towards (rou...

KUiHD.png F3tDX.png

 Hello everybody. I have a question about ABR LSA-3 flooding antiloop.I have a topology like this one in the diagrom below.  So, I have a backbone area, a non-backbone area and two ABR. When the two ABR create and flood LSA-3 from backbone to non-bac...


Hello. I have Cisco 866VAE-K9, which is an EOL device. I would like to use it as a modem for VDSL100 from Deutsch Telekom. Is it possible ? If not, does it have a capacity like PPPoE through ?Note that this router was in use till 2 years ago, it was ...