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temperature threshold configuration

Hi Dears,I have Catalyst 4500 L3 Switch, I want to configure temperature threshold and send the notifications to SNMP server, I tried the commands in the attached snapshot but the router not accepting these commands.please your kind support.

subnetting question

so, i have 4 switches.  one switch feeds the other 3 switches that are in different locations.i have config-ed a vlan 500 with an IP of enable EIGRP, etc. and attached a port to that vlan. On the remote switches, i'd like to have the r...

garyrivers by Beginner
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QinQ ASR 1002

Collegues,I hav e the following connection scenarioVLAN 100 -С3750 -->  ASR1002-X(1) - 1270 -> ASR1002-X(2)--> C4507 -VALN 100 Could you please suggest correct way or some examples to use VLAN 100 on both switches on access ports via Q-in-Q via VLAN ...

fiber compatibility with XFP

HelloMy carrier is dropping off a single mode fiber on LC connection 10gig port but on myrouter I am using XFP-10G-MM-SR modules.  Can I still use a SMF to connect from handoff to this router or do I need a different module?

Nexus 7010 limited syntax

Our 7010 is on  BIOS: version 2.12.0, kickstart: version 8.2(3), system: version 8.2(3) and I'm planning to upgrade it to 8.2(5). For some reason, I don't seem to have the rest of the options available under "show install all" as I would like to test...

IOS-XR transaction commit issues

  i'm having a strange problem with IOS-XR and removing class-map references from policy-maps.  It does not seem to let me remove a reference to a class-map and remove the class-map in the same transaction.  Is this a bug?  I sent the commands in the...

Resolved! Removed ASA from HA Pair - Lost access to outside

Hey this is a bit long winded but I'm looking for some insights into what might have happened here and if anyone has run into this before.On Sunday the SFR module on our Primary/Active 5545 died and our secondary took over. We left the two firewalls ...


Hi AllCan anyone talk to me about FEC (forward error correction) at the packet level ?I believe many SD WAN products now use this and I believe it can have really good effects on a lossy / high latency network.Does it work?How does it work?Does Vipte...

ASA OSPF Default Information Originate Error

Hi all router gods I have an HA pair of ASAs that i'm trying to configure to pass a received iBGP route and redistribute it into OSPF. The route is in the ASA routing table however its not being redistributed into OSPF. I suspect that I nee...

awinslade by Beginner
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Hello all can anyone explain what is Topology Identification List TLV (TLD_LIST_TYPE) in EIGRP  ?I did many searches in google but still I couldn't understand the concept of it.I did some labs for test this then I found all routers set TID value = 0....

sivam siva by Participant
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STP spanning tree what did my network admin do?

I'm relatively new to large-level networking, setting up a new vlan to be distributed on my network.I have a loop of 5 c2960x switches all connected on a 10G fiber backbone and SFP+ ports, 1&2 are stacked, the rest in a loop.                  1&2    ...

cts_55 by Beginner
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Can't redistribute the static routes from an OSPF stub area into backbone area - Nexus

I try with this configuration, it's not work.N9K1# sho ip rou static x.151.177.0/25, ubest/mbest: 1/0 *via x.151.177.200, [1/0], 00:31:53, static via Null0, [191/0], 00:31:53, static x.151.178.0/24, ubest/mbest: 1/0 *via x.151.177.200, [...