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  The ISIS protocol is configured on the routers, but the Chapanata and Bagizagan routers do not see each other via ISIS, in the neighbor table they dont exist !interface GigabitEthernet3/0 \\ to Bagizaganip address

Hello,I have recently gotten into Cisco and I am struggling to open a few ports on my Cisco ISR 4321 router. Port forward of 8920 does not forward however 3389 does work. Any ideas what is wrong?Currently I have tried the commands:ip nat inside sourc...

Resolved! PAT overloading

Hi Folks,  Based on Cisco documentation about NAT, the following ports are used during the overloading process.  When configuring for PAT (overloading), what is the maximum number of translations that can be created per inside global IP address? A. P...

  Hi,I'm having trouble setting up my network. I can't get the 2 points to communicate. Could anyone help?I have a point-to-point link with the other office, the machines communicate internally, and can reach the internal ASA vlan, but from there the...


Hello all, I have a router in production ISR4331/K9 IOS-XE Version 16.6.2 that in the last month started to prompt these log messages:  %PLATFORM-4-ELEMENT_WARNING:  SIP1: smand:  RP/0: Used Memory value 89% exceeds warning level 88%   The show memor...

dugolotti by Level 1
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I have a RV345 running Firmware, it is intermittently restarting.  I have turned on logging and I don't see any errors.  I am trying to figure out why the router would reboot on its own.  It happens 1 to 3 times a day.  This has only become...

chris0754 by Level 1
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hi guysI have a lot of 4221 but faced the problem for the first timewhen entering the conf mod, the cisco turns off, helps to switch the power plug. At the moment, it has been taken out of use, the new cisco works stably. Debugging does not repeat th...

Hi We are using PPPoE termination on ASR1000 for years. We are considering to migrate to IPoE solution.(Using DHCP)1- I want to ask, Is there any benefit to do this?2- Is there any drawback in this case? 3- What is the the Big ISPs approach?about 15 ...