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Cisco IOS Upgrade Help

Good morning team, I'm upgrading the IOS on my 3945 this morning, and I think I accidentally deleted something I wasn't supposed to. Now I was able to do recovery via ROMMON and the tftpdnld -r command and get the upgraded image loaded into the route...

RBM01991 by Beginner
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NCS5002 MPLS license

Hey guys,I was looking at Cisco’s licenses for the NCS5k and it's kinda confusing the NSC has a license for IP/MPLS which is XR-NC50-PK9-06.05 (Cisco IOS XR IP/MPLS Core Software 3DES), another two licenses for L2 and L3 VPN features could anyone tel...

omera by Beginner
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NAT, PAT, Shaping, Full provisioning

Hi all, we are looking for replace our Mikrotik routers to something more rock solid.We are running Routing, NAT, Traffic Shaping and firewalling (or static ARP), DHCP and PPPoE concentrator on mikrotiks now. Is there any cisco HW based solution that...

Redistribution of iBGP and eBGP

NW Diagramfrom PC i can ping ISP on loop back via site A, but when iShutdown F0/1 of SITE-A , i cannot ping ISP from PCs.Actually i want to switch traffic to SITE-B , if SITE-A's link is down.PCs can ping SITE-B ip Address but can...


Resolved! SR-TE XRv9k v7.0.1 "show segment-routing traffic-eng ipv4 topology" irresponsive also Dynamic SR-TE not working

Platform (XRv9k)Release (7.0.1)Input details or justificationDynamic SR-TE not working also "show segment-routing traffic-eng ipv4 topology" commands are irresponsive.(xtc_show process)also PCEP process and session not working.ipv4 unnumbered mpls tr...

alibia2 by Beginner
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Resolved! Router configuration to connect separate LANs

Hi,I am trying to use a Cisco 1841 router to make a connection between two separate LANs which are directly connected. FastEthernet 0/0 is connected to network and the interface received IP IP via DHCP from a router on this n...

ramram by Beginner
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Multicast across BGP AS

Hello Experts,   I was configuring an INE full scale lab for the CCIE preparation and I faced the following problem with Multicast.   The idea is to have multicast traffic being R3 the source, R9 the receiver and R7 the RP. The ISP (R4, R5) are not m...

jgomezve by Cisco Employee
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mfib debug output on C9K

Hi Everyone after migration to new core on C9500 series i've discovered some multicast blackholing between VRFs connected with GRE Tunnels on the same box. 'debug ip mfib vrf vrf-red' hints with bodled textDec 23 19:45:19: MFIBv4(0x5)...

Resolved! L2 Bridging Across an L3 Network Internet?

Is it possible to extend vLANs  over the internet to another site using a 3900 router on one side and ISR4321 on the other side with Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol Version 3 (L2TPv3) and Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE)? Has anyone done this? Is it se...

hmc250000 by Beginner
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Adding access-list 52 permit

Hi, How can I add another access-list 52 permit Access rule can't be configured at higher sequence num as it is part of the existing rule at sequence num 50access-list 52 permit 52 permit

getaway51 by Explorer
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