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Afternoon all! I'm trying to work through some issues that I've been experiencing with multicast, and I suppose it's sparked my curiosity. The setup I have is about 5 RPs. The 5th one being, and effectively covers the other ranges. One ro...

tenbucker by Level 1
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My problem: When a router with a cellulair interface or only the cellular card is replaced in the field this means restoring the saved configuration is not enough to get the box running again, first a few exec commands should be given.With kron comma...

Resolved! EIGRP K Values

If under the EIGRP process i configure "metric weight 0 2 0 1 0 0" will this double the lowest bandwidth along the path to the destination? Lets say the lowest bandwidth along the path to the destination is 64K, will this make it 128K?

Hasho by Level 1
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Hello,AS-IS we have 2 Hub routers one for MPLS and Another for INET(internet). we are planning to have another ISP ,So we will install Another HUB router INET2 soon. But i want to know, what will be the configuration on the Master contoller look like...

All , I am looking information on the below part#   when we need this and any reference URL  details about thisASR1000-SPASPA for ASR1000; No Physical Part; For Tracking Only1 Thank youLerner

I have configured OSPF and GRE Tunnel 50 in HO & branch routers. All routers were working fine but suddenly from last month, one branch router starts giving below error and i lost connectivity. %OSPF-5-ADJCHG: Process 3, Nbr on Tunnel50 f...

Hi I am trying to redistribute bgp-learned routes from VRF to global. However, I got the below message. "Inter-VRF redistribution is NOT allowed from 'bgp'".   Since I am currently running it in VIRL, I wonder if this is a legit error message. In my ...


Hello,  Just a quick question We have a 1921 which is obviously now out of support. Our customer is now needing an extra gigabit port or two for their LAN network (both on the router are in use) Just trying to see what module would be suitable as im ...

Tippey by Level 1
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Saudações Comunidade! Gostaria de uma breve explicação acerca das operações do IP SLA. Existem diversos artigos que explicam, mas a maioria possui informações divergentes, meu intuito é somente a nível de conhecimento para executar a prova CCNA R&S. ...

While reading the vol 1 by Paluch and Kocharians the following question on IS-IS caught my attention: Which statements are true about authentication in IS-IS?Among many the following option is non marked as valid: "Authentication password for L2 LSP+...

Alex Mac by Level 1
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Dear All,I understand that MED can be used to influence the path taken by incoming traffic arriving from the adjacent AS. Could anyone tell me whether one iBGP neighbor can pass MED to another iBGP neighbour and then expect that neighbour to announce...

j.a.m.e.s by Level 3
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Hello has any encountered the following error message before and if so how did you resolve it?I am using a Cisco 1841 Router, running the following code: c1841-advipservicesk9-mz.124-24.T2.bin. The error message is:4592584: Oct 8 17:37:08 gmt: EZVPN(...

Hello, I'm trying to set up DHCP with the following parameters:New Branch Router should provide DHCP addresses for both R&D and Admin PC’s.Exclude the first 500 addresses for R&DExclude the first 100 addresses for AdminBut the request always fails. I...

Rudy9746 by Level 1
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