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Routing through VeloCloud SDWAN box

I have an ASA 5508-X and a broadband cable modem. Used the next available public IP from the cable carrier’s /29 block for the firewall, set the route and everything worked fine, pings inbound and outbound, etc.   Problem starts when we added the Vel...

Resolved! Layer 2 ( Switch) and fragmentation

Hi everybody, My curiosity again kicked in. Router f1/1----------f1Swf2------REST OF NETWORK Above router and SW are IOS based, SW is layer 2. Router: int f1/1 mtu 1530 ( router is IOS based, so mtu 1530 represents the L3 payload  for layer 2) ip mtu...

sarahr202 by Contributor
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Resolved! DNS doctoring ASA 5505

Hi,   I'm having some troubles getting the following configuration to work:   Firewall: ASA 5505. Synology DiskStation NAS. Forwarded the necessary ports to reach it from the outside, works well. Static IP (external), subdomains configured with A rec...

RV340 backup configuration

Hello,  I've been looking for documentation regarding how to externally backup a configuration file for an RV340. I've found answers related to other RV models. It seems that this model doesn't have the section to save the configuration file via GUI....

mhernandez by Beginner
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Access Cloud Direct connect

We have a network as in the attached image,   There is a connection to internet having address space and with router interface connected to internet is and there is a static route out to internet.   Now, we want to conne...

HSRP preempt config

I have preempt configured on both HSRP configs for lets say int vlan 100. Both switches are in a VPC domain and switch1 is the higher priority with 105. Tracking of interface to routers 1 and 2 is configured on both switches. Is it best practice to h...

BGP Bouncing

I have x2 circuits provided by my ISPI'm trying to migrate from the old to the newThe process keeps failing, with the BGP seeminly bouncing after around 2 minutesThis is the debug ip bgp at the time of connection to the new (problematic) circuit00943...

VPN Gateway to Gateway connection drops

Hello all. i seem to have an issue with my GW to GW setup between my 2 x Cisco RV320’s (one at home and one in the office). The tunnel is up and it always stays connected but I can’t connect to devices from either when I could before. My office RV320...

Resolved! BGP: Advertise a smaller subnet

Hi Guys, We're given a subnet and  we're told that we need to advertise whole subnet /23 to the ISP so I create a static route with Null 0. Below is my eBGP router setup with my ISP.   Router A:     ip route null 0       r...

tinhnho123 by Explorer
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