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EIGRP not working

Hello, I was just doing a simple configuration on this topology to see if one side is down in my case (P router) then I should be able to access internet through (J router). After trying so hard I was not successful. Can somebody please help me? I do...

deypuchka by Beginner
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Resolved! L3 SVI and L2 VLANS

Hallo,This is a rather basic question but I will ask it anyway I copied the working running configs from a faulty 891 Cisco router to another one. Initially, it didn't work (clients were not getting an IP even though the VLAN was pingable) and on tr...

JoyWN by Beginner
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OSPF Key Chain

Are there any different requirements or variables when Configuring OSPF Key Chain auth from IOS to Nexus vs IOS to IOS? I am having issues doing just that on Nexus to IOS. All the configuration options are present on both OS however the authenticatio...

Resolved! Can't SSH into Cisco 891 from outside

Hi. I haven't touched Cisco IOS devices in a few years, so maybe I'm just rusty. Anyway, a customer of ours has a Cisco 891 router on-site which I need to be able to manage remotely. I can SSH into it from the inside but not from the outside. The WAN...

1G line test

hi, I have 1G line I need to test for performace. On remote side line is terminated on ISR4451 router. Is there some kind of native reflector on IOS I could use on remote side for this? I know about guestshell and iperf, but iperf needs to be additio...


According to the picture single router connected with 2 ISP. 1 link 1G and another 512kbps. No routing protocol are running. Is it possible to 70% traffic goes through via 1G link and 30% traffic will go through 512kbps link, without running Eigrp, o...

seddeeq4 by Beginner
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Reg: BGP AS-Path-Prepend

Hi All, Due to some requirement I need to prepend the approx 12 AS-PATH in BGP advertisement but in ASR router there is limit of max 10 ASpath only. Requesting if any one can help in this regard.   Regards, AKK  

AKK by Beginner
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Resolved! OSPF on vlan interfaces

Will this configuration work for ospf routing on a vlan interface on a 3850 L3 switch? Never done it on a vlan interface before but having trouble getting it to work in GNS3.   interface Vlan100ip address ospf network br...

hmc250000 by Beginner
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