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887VA VDSL2 configuration

HiI have a Cisco 887VA router that I'm trying to connect to a VDSL2 service.I'm getting this error when the VDSL2 service is plugged in: %VDSL_DAEMON-4-TRAINMODE_NOT_SUPPORTED: ATM transport mode is not supported on VDSL2.Here is the controller detai...

cg1network by Beginner
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Cisco Smart Net Contracts

Hi All   Can someone please help me with the difference between CON-SNT-SLASR1AK and CON-SNT-ASR1001X?   Do I need both of these if we have a ASR1001X?   Thanks Gordon

dejian007 by Beginner
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eBGP/iBGP/EIGRP strange issue

I'm having a strange issue I've never seen before with routing. Here is the scenario....   I began advertising a route from the UK across our IPVPN WAN which comes back to two sites in WI. The two WAN routers are in the same EIGRP domain and are NOT ...

Resolved! Reply Packet path selection by router

Hi,  I have two VPN (DMVPN and IPsec VPN) connection between SITE A (HO) and SITE B with two different ISPs. The DMVPN is configured with Dynamic routing protocol as EIGRP and the second VPN is configured with static route AD value 171 (Higher then E...

BGP on Cisco Firewall Cluster

Hello   Scenario - I have two ISP's terminating on Cisco Firewalls (Active/Passive) - is it possible to run BGP between the two ISP's and the pair of Cisco Firewall (failover mode) - I am not how the iBGP will work between them as they both share the...

Resolved! VRF - Unreachable NH Issue

Hello,   I'm practicing VRFs in GNS3, I have four routers: PE-1, PE-2, CustA-HQ and CustA-Remote. I'm unable to ping CustA-HQ from PE-2, but can ping the interface to which it connects on PE-1. When running debug ip packet detail on both CustA-HQ and...

Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 4.39.14 PM.png
chanjohn01 by Beginner
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L2VPN behavior with different VC type

Hi Experts,I wanted to know about L2VPN functionality with below scenarios., What will be the behaviour of PE1 and PE2 when CE1 is tagged/untagged with different VC type configured.   Topology:CE1-------PE1-------LSP---------PE2------CE2   Scenario 1...

*Mar 18 14:35:47.951: %MAINBOARD-1-UNKNOWN_WIC: wic card in location 0/2 has an unknown

Hello Freinds     what the below means , kindly decipher it  ,  what is the reason behind that ? wic card location 0/2 is FXS     *Mar 18 14:35:47.951: %MAINBOARD-1-UNKNOWN_WIC: wic card in location 0/2 has an unknown id 0x47*Mar 18 14:35:48.823: %ES...

Resolved! Configuring cisco ISR 4221

Hi Guys, I have ISR 4221 with 2 GE ports (Layer 3 ports) and 4 ES2 ports (Layer 2 ports). and i have 1 WAN and 1 Internet Link and 1 Inside(LAN) link. i wanted to enable both WAN and Internet connection for all LAN users. how can i make this to work....

ermionline by Beginner
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