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Hello folks.  Let's say I get a default route from ISP1.  I also have ISP2 as backup.  I advertise 1 subnet to ISP1 and ISP2...lets say 199.x.x.199/24, so people can reach my servers from outside. Lets also say that this ip address is provided to me ...

Amafsha1 by Explorer
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Hi Guys,   I have an ASR9000 which is configured with BGP to my ISP. Which's command line of ACL that I can prevent people from SSH to my router's outbound interface (from outside world)?   Also, how do I make sure that the SSH access is allowed from...

I was wondering how a dynamic crypto map works? in a normal crypto map you define the interesting traffic you want to allow over the VPN, and do the same in reverse on the other side.   How does a dynamic crypto map work out what the interesting traf...

I have a remote site connected to us with a Cisco 1941w router.  Equipment on this side is a 1941.  Working great.  I need to scan the remote site.  We only have a handful of devices there.  When I run Advanced IP Scanner from my desktop I get a resp...


Hi  CISCO,   Can anyone tell me serial interface DTE=> DTR, RTS, DCE=>DCD, DSR and CTS meaning effects one by one and what happens when it is in down state DCE=> DCD- Meaning, Down effects, who responsible, troubleshooting, lease line effects, what i...

Currently I am configure a bgp between 2 ASAs. Attached is my diagram. I have a problem, I did configured my ASA-A interface with and ASA-B interface with and able to ping each other.    When I want to advertise network ...

Chin by Beginner
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Hi,   Short version 1111-4P or 1111-8P Do they have the same or different CPU's?   Long version   Currently running 4 ISR 2911 G2 routers, 2 at each site that I present approx 40 links too, which are a massive VPN mesh that I run for a mission critic...

erkel1 by Beginner
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Hi Friend,   We are using Cisco 2900 series router and 2 cisco 2960 series cisco swiches. we have created switch port trunk allowed and switch port mode trunk in GI 0/17,19 and 21 ports the default gateway is we have enabled DHCP server in...

prince.p by Beginner
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Hello people!   I have the following problem:   I have a 1921 router, connected to two ISP's, no routing exchanged with this ISP's just simple internet services. I've configured nat and cef, so traffic is being load-shared with this two ISP's. Over o...

luchonat1 by Beginner
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hello folks,   Let's say I have 2 sites, both use the same ISP and both advertise the same subnet 188.x.x.188.  They are in 2 different cities.    I want site 1 to handle all in/out traffic for this subnet because it is primary and then set prepend f...

Amafsha1 by Explorer
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Hi All,   I'm observing output drops on the gig 0/0 on the provider facing interface.  The line is not exceeding bandwidth based on a one month view.    I don't think this is a speed/duplex issue and provider says no issues found.   Looking at the po...