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Question about load balancing ISP Links

My network is attached in the file.  We currently have our IP space routed through a FreeBSD router.  The FreeBSD router then uses HSRP to route traffic to our ISP routers (Cisco 2811).  The primary path is to use the 40MB link.  The 2811 routers are onsite.  I have purchased two 6506E switches.  These switches will be used to design a new infrastructure from the ground up.  All the users, servers, and websites will then be moved over to the new infrastructure.  We are moving away from the private IP ranges and using the 51.97.x.x range.  I have removed all the firewalls, proxies, and packetshapers for simplicity.

Should I add a second interface on the Cisco 2811 routers and connect them to the Cisco 6506?  If so, which would be the preferred method for redundancy (HSRP, VSSP, etc)?

I could then run a link between the 6505 (new infrastructure) and the Free BSD Router (old infrastructure).  This would allow me to move users over to the new VLAN (51.97.x.x) and allow them to still access their shares, email, etc.  Eventually everything will get moved over to the new infrastructure but since we want to use a phased approach, we have to provide connectivity across VLAN's.

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