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Wireless network infrastructure with Cisco router

Hello everyone,

We have quite big wireless infrastructure that provides Internet for more then 100 customers. Please see the attachment for the map.

- 1 Cisco 3600 router with 2 ports one F0/0 for the wireless backend and F0/1 for the fiberlink to outside world.

- For all the connections we use public ip address, currently we use (192.168 is not real) for the f0/0 all the access points and switch use range of the rest is for connection are access points.

- The AP we use is Ubiquity Networks as well as the clients.

- All the AP that are on the picture are in the bridged mode.

- All the client AP's that are connection to those AP are in router mode.

- We give business customers another public subnet /30 and residential and route it all the way to F0/0 as default gateway for the clients AP but for CPE they have to use second of /30 address to be able to access Internet. Example (assume it's public) is LAN interface for customers AP and is for their router, so the default gateway is

..... for individual 2 public address (1 for AP and one for customer router)

Potential problems:

Basicaly we have a big broadcast domain on all our AP of /23 networks, that brings another problem customers can talk to each other, since they being router all the way back to Cisco Router which will say "ah, it's has to go back to the same interface it came from", but since switches and bridges don't know how to route that particular subnet it's gonna be dropped.

Im planing to redesign the network in efficient way, if possible without using another public subnet for the end customers since we already have /23 there,  there should be the way only use one public subnet for all. Of course bridging all to /23 instead of routing will eliminate the need for anther customer subnet but /23 broadcast domain is not really efficient. Im thinking to use inter-vlan routing (router on the stick) dividing /23 on the bunch of /30 address, but not really sure how to implement it on such a big scale with all those wireless bridges. I would love to hear some recommendation how to go about this, even with possible configs for Cisco router. Thanks a lot!