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Resolved! Port-Security NX-OS

I'm having issues configuring port security on a Nexus 9504. I'm familiar with port security on IOS but NX-OS is new to me. I'm stuck at turning on the feature, it simply isn't available as a feature and according to the documentation it should be. A...

KPKing by Beginner
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Nexus Host interface configuration

Dears,Please find the attached screenshot of the configuration of HIF, i have a nexus 7K connecting to the Nexus 2k on whih i want to create a HIF, my question is very simple the FEX number as per the screenshot are 101 on both the swithces they can ...

adamgibs7 by Frequent Contributor
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VPC peer link is down but peer is alive

Hi Everyone.  I'm trying to establish vPC between two nexus 5596 switch. Peer status is down however keep-alive status is up.. Physical interface is up on both the switches. Below is the configuration output: Nexus5K-1(config-if)# show vpcLegend:(*) ...

vivek.c88 by Beginner
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cisco cimc UCSE-160d

I am trying to configure the cimc ip of a UCSE-160d blade but when I telnet to the ISR 4451 router and try this config tenableinterface ucse 1/0/0imc does not recognize imc command.

Dragomir by Beginner
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Resolved! Does this mean a bad SFP+ module?

I have brand new 9504 with two 48Port line cards and NX-OS 7.0(3)I4(6). I have port 1/47 connected with 10Gbps SFP+ but I got warning messages periodically. %ETHPORT-4-IF_SFP_WARNING: Interface Ethernet1/47, High Rx Power Warning I did check the SF...

m1xed0s by Contributor
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