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CBS220 - qos for voip phones

Curious to know if others are using "qos basic" or "qos advanced" to support voip (Deskphones using voice vlan).I'm trying to see if I can get by with just "qos basic" and "priority-queue out num-of-queues 3" so as to not overly complicate things in ...

jason-g by Level 1
  • 1 replies
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Cisco RV260 stuck freezes stops responding

For some time now, I've been experiencing issues with RV260 routers. The problem is that, for unknown reasons, the router freezes/stuck and stops responding to ping and others protocol requests on both the WAN and LAN.The LED's continue to light up (...

emwu90 by Level 1
  • 16 replies
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Cisco CBS220-48FP-4X

Hello, I have two Cisco CBS220-48FP-4X running on the latest firmware deployed downstream from Meraki switches. One of the CBS switches will work fine for a few days, then stop passing all traffic (GUI inaccessible, too). It needs a physical reboot t...

RV340 - SSL VPN Error

 HI. I can establish SSL VPN connection for my RV340. I get the following errors. Anyone would can help me? 2019-10-18T09:19:44+01:00 <error>log_sslvpnac: facility=SslVpn;msg=ERROR sslserver.c.989[743FF470] sslsever_send_data: Error: Incomplete write...

Resolved! How to access ssh on Cisco Business CBW150AX ?

Dear all I have a new cbw150ax-s unk access point. I have set a captive portal and test AAA authen with external radius. All work fine but there is no accounting send to my radius server. So I need to access ssh to use terminal and enable radius acco...

cbw1.png 102041.jpg
EasyZone by Level 1
  • 12 replies
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Need email encryption plugin for outlook

I need a solution or plugin where receiver needs to decrypt the email received over Outlook. In current scenario both sender and receiver organizations use Outlook and there is an inbuilt feature within outlook for encryption which decrypts encrypted...

ISR4321 router setup help

Hello im new here and was curious if anyone can help me out. Recently ive been tasked with setting up a new cisco router model ISR4321. I have no idea where to start. I havent been able to set it up like the general routers ive used in the past. Im n...

Resolved! Cisco Business Dashboard email notifications

I am trying to configure email notifications on Cisco Business Dashboard but I don't have the option "Administration > Monitoring Profiles" as explained in

jmprats by Level 4
  • 2 replies
  • 0 Helpful votes

Cisco SMB 110-16pp Amber Flashing light

hi there...I have a Cisco 110-16-PP SMB switch.  I have a cable connecting my Xfinity modem/router to a non-POE port on this switch.  The left LED light on this port is flashing Amber, and the right LED light is solid green. This suggests a network l...

tlavens01 by Level 1
  • 7 replies
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SG350-10P PoE issue

Hi,I have a SG350-10P switch running the last firmware.The switch is set to factory defaults. Has yet to be programmed.I noticed that my access points didn't get any power. Checked with an external PoE adapter, AP working fine. Just not with...

[CATALYST 1300] Stacking question

Hello, I plan to stack 3 catalyst 1300 in a ring topology, I am wondering if there is any built in anti network loop prevention mechanism.I read there is in stackwise but can't seem to find any information to confirm there is on catalyst 1300.Am I su...

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