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Hello,I'm using a HP Tape Storage ( Ultrium 3280). This tape storage has a SAS cable and I want to connect it on my UCS 220 M3..Question : What it the Mini-SAS (SFF-8088) card that is compatible with a UCS 220 M3. i.e have an external SAS port.Regard...

iantra123 by Participant
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I have entered the world of storage networking this past week and need to get MDS9100's up and running for a Lab EMC VNX. I am very versatile in LAN/WAN and also Nexus, just not storage tasks within the Nexus platform. The MDS seems to be NX-OSish an...

Has anybody successfully extracted performance data from DCNM-SAN ?Until they pulled the CIM off the fabric switches IBM's TPC was brilliant, however now I cannot get TPC to connect to DCNM-SAN to pull performance data.I tried using PM.BAT to script ...

Hello Folks,I acidentally erase the kickstart image from MDS 9124 San Switch, and now the switch can't are in the "loader>" mode. There have many options to configure the Mgmt interface whit a ip/netmask, and a command to make the boot via tftp serve...

netadm by Beginner
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I have Cisco MDS 9509 switches running nx-os 5.2(6a).  I'm behind on the supported version. I need to get to at least 5.2(8f) as of today 2015/08/11. The latest GA is 6.2(13) .  I'm thinking of some version of 6.2 as a target for the switches and DCN...

Gents,Need quick advise for following query:We have Cisco MDS DS-X9148 Module with valid support contract. From Cisco Documentation this module is EOL/EOS. Unfortunately today the device has gone faulty and we are not able to recover it.How to get su...