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Resolved! Cisco 6880-X-LE No VSLOTs Left?

I am trying to create a new fiber extension off of my 6880 X LE catalysts but the fex is stuck at "Registration" and the logs show: %FEXMGR-SW1-3-FEXMGR_MAX_VSLOT_ALLOC: No VSLOTs are left for new module to allocate. Enable Temp VSLOT to allow 'renum...

Cisco switch stuck at switch: prompt

I mistakenly did the factory reset-all on my Cisco 9200 switch and now the switch is only showing the switch: prompt at start-up.  How do I get the switch back to where it belongs with no config  and booting from the packages.conf?

DAVID by Beginner
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vss upgrade

Hello,I want to upgrade  6880-x-le VSS switches from 152-1.SY4 to 155-1.SY8.  My plan is to upload the new software to both switches and use the "reload" command.there is one thing that I am not sure of and that is the ROMMON. The current version is ...

Resolved! VLAN

Hi Guy's,I've just start my CCNA, and i have a question, why when we have two switch's and more than a vlan in each switch, we need a physical link for each vlan (without using a trunk ) . Sorry if my question seems silly 

Mohdz by Beginner
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Netflow not working on IE3200

Hi All,   I'm trying to enable netflow on this switch but it doesn't work:- I upgraded the IOS-XE from 16.12.03 to 17.06.03:     #sh version ROM: IOS-XE ROMMON BOOTLDR: Version 7.1.8 [RELEASE SOFTWARE] crashkernel=64M xxx uptime is 2 hours, 27 minute...

Resolved! Change the certificate used by a Cisco 3850

I have a new 3850 L3 switch. It had a self-signed certificate installed when I first booted the switch. The certificate appears to be either 512 or 1024 in length. I would like to create a key that is 2048 in length. I can issue the crypto key genera...

9200L Stack ring splits

I have a stack of 6 switches that on occasion the stack ring will split into 1 and 5. Running show switch gave me one member as ready and the others as removed. When I would try to console into one of the others, it was unresponsive or was in straggl...

jasonmeyer by Beginner
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Resolved! Cisco 3650 no IOS - BRICK - upgrade failure

Hi everyoneI'm trying to upload IOS into my Cisco 3650-48FS-S switch. Looks like it is bricked now :-(I tried to boot from USB but I'm getting this kind of message: switch: dir usbflash0:Directory of usbflash0:/4 -rw- 537489817 cat3k_caa-universalk9....

michalfira by Beginner
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Upgrade IOS-XE image pending Reboot.

for ios-xe, is it possible to be like IOS that we can do all the preparation works (pre-upload the image + setup the boot variable) and only at deseriable time then we proceed with the reboot?reason for asking is i will like to reduce the downtime ne...