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ASR 9000 Link Bundling for 100G

Is it possible to Link-bundle the 100G cards (links found below) on the ASR? I was able to find that they can do this for 1G and 10G, but couldn't find that on the 100G. Would it be similar to the etherchannel feature on Catalyst / Port-channel featu...

Portchannel and dual ISP

I have a rather basic question about portchannel and dual ISPs. I have a Active/Passive ISPs where ISP2 is only active when ISP1 fails.   On ASA side, I have 2 subinterfaces with different IP address and vlan (999 for ISP1 and 998 for ISP2) assigned ...

songwh911 by Beginner
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ISR 4431 Console Output During Reload

I have a new ISR 4431 that I'm about to install. Upon reloading it to put the correct IOS-XE version on it, I noticed that there is no output to the console during bootup. Is there a reason for this? Am I missing a configuration on the console line c...

aweise by Beginner
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NAT with VRF !!!

hi Friends, I need to configure NAT and static mapping so i can reach (SSH) internal devices (Servers) inside the Network (Private IP Addresses) from the Internet.So i have problem combination VRF with NAT, The Interface Connecting to the Internet is...

Opened port on 3925 router

Hello everybody,   Today, I scanned my router with Nmap in order to check the opened ports.   Two ports are opened/filtered :   -28112 -49208   I didn't see these ports when I launch sh udp & show control-plane host open-ports on the router.   Router...

Resolved! Nexus 7700 M3 100G Line Card Port channeling

Hello everyone,   I'm in the middle of a design and was curious to find out what are everyone's thoughts about Nexus Chassis in the Campus. I'm asking this due to the fact that our building layouts have about 500 Switch stack uplink connections that ...

Resolved! ASA5508-X Using Block Of Static IP’s

So I have my configuration able to Ping from the Router itself (GBit 1/1 using a Static IP set for PPPoE) and I see GBit 1/2 is the LAN but I am having a heck of a time removing the DHCP / Nat and being able to use, at random (to be speci...

fbeye by Enthusiast
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Resolved! OSPF topology and redistribution problem

Hi everybody, i have the following problem (see the picture below): The NMS Server need to know the Loop 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 addresses in order to manage the routers associated with these addresses. The routers associated with these addresses runs their...


List 802.1x disabled ports

Hi    I am trying to use show authentication sessions to show the list of force authorized ports but my switch doesn't show it like my older switches used to. I am running a 2960x with 15.2(2). I am sure it used to show it under version 12 e.g: for f...

eshaq786 by Beginner
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High error rate on PortChannel

Hi I have one Nexus 5696q and some 3850 & 2960 switches. 3850(2960x) Switches connect to Nexus 5k via Fiber Cables. When i Configure Ether Channel between Nexus 5k and any of 3850 Switches i get "High error rate" error on port channels in Nexus 5k an...

niki1365 by Beginner
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Typical "Slow Network"

Hi All,   I am working on an apparently slow network for one of our sites - The site consists of 4 x 3650 switches which all have Gigabit speeds, and a Cisco ASA which default traffic is routed to. The ASA's circuit should provide a download speed of...

cknox1 by Beginner
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