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Resolved! Native Vlan an SG350XG-24T

Hello, I have a question, I have just bought a SG350XG-24T is I wanted to change Native VLAN but impossible to find the menu on the graphical interface!

SCAL by Beginner
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Vlan Flapping between ports

Hi, While I am getting Vlan Flapping on LAN network and seeing regular logs on my core switch - 2. I tried to troubleshoot but not able to succeed. Below is the details attached for understanding and support needed. I have attached network diagram a...

Resolved! IP cache Flow egress on 4321

I have recently upgraded our routers from 2811 to 4321 series. Both running advanced IP services.   I can't seem to get IP cache flow working on the interfaces. The configuration I had on the 2811 was ip cache flow egress/ingress. The 4321 doesn't ha...

Resolved! vlan between three sites

Hey guys I have been away for quite some time so I can be called novice at least right now.  I wanted to connect three different sites in the same vlan is that possible? 

johnnyD by Beginner
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Upgrade ROMMON SP 6509 Gold region

Hi, I am trying to upgrade the ROMON on one of the 6509 redundant device. The current config shows as below MYDEVICE>sh rom-monitor slot 5 rpRegion F1: APPROVED, preferredRegion F2: INVALIDCurrently running ROMMON from F1 region MYDEVICE>sh rom-monit...

s k by Beginner
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Resolved! basic Nat not working

  Good Day. i am having an issue with nating from a local devices to devices on the other side of the internet. In the NAT table it show that the address is being translated but local all it says that the destination host is unreachable.  the config...

Max-kinpin by Beginner
  • 7 replies
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Cannot boot ISR 4321

I cannot boot this router for the life of me. I am stuck in rommon. The image is there:   rommon 1 > dir bootflash: 0 0 drw- lost+found 0 0 drw- .prst_sync 0 0 drw- .installer 0 0 drw- core 0 ...

Hulk8647 by Beginner
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Network Slowness

We have a weird issue in our Network. Some devices are getting huge bandwidth and some are getting very slow irrespective of the wired or wireless. Even if I take the laptop which i get slow speed and connect it to the port where we get high bandwidt...