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Nexus 7000 WCCP with bluecoat ProxySG

 ScenarioIssue happen when firewall failover from primary to secondary then back to primary, HTTP and HTTPS traffic seam like not going out, error 503 gateway timeout was observed Swing fw from primary to secondary – OKSwing fw from secondary back to...

Freemen by Beginner
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Cisco 2960x Console port light issue after IOS upgrade

I have just upgraded my 2960x switch IOS to 15.2(2r)E2 version. Everything is running fine except the light on the console port is in up state(green light on) although there is no console cable plugged in. Is this some IOS bug or any other issue? Kin...

ri1 by Beginner
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LACP active limit in nexus 7000

we are using nexus 7000 / N7K-M224XP-23L line card / nxos version : 6.2(16) we want to make lacp bundle using M2 card's portalso 10G links by 10 ports into one port-channel lacp active link. is it possible that 10G *10 ports into one port-channel lin...

Resolved! High CPU Utilization - Cisco 2960X switch

Hi Friends, I am facing high CPU utilization issue in cisco 2960X switch. Please go through the below log switch#show processes cpu monitor | exc 0.0CPU utilization for five seconds: 80%/1%; one minute: 80%; five minutes: 80% PID Runtime(ms)     In...

urgent help with AAA

Hi Guys we have following configuration in our devices   aaa authentication login default group tacacs+ enableaaa authentication enable default group tacacs+ enableaaa authorization consoleaaa authorization exec default group tacacs+ if-authenticated...

HSRP through a Firewall

Hi guys topology is like this: nexus 6K - checkpoint - Nexus 6k   The two nexus are running vpc (vpc peer link is direct link) and hsrpv2 for the vlans (Interfaces with the vlans configured go via the firewall)   HSRP is working well (one side active...

Resolved! Can output drops on a switch cause input/output errors on a server interface?

Hello.   A Unix server, directly connected to a int GigabitEthernet13/41 on a Cisco switch, is displaying RX and TX errors (hundreds of thousands of them).   On the switch int GigabitEthernet13/41, there are no errors of any kind (counters cleared +1...

Resolved! Cannot delete folder with special characters

By mistake, I renamed config.text in ROMMON, so that it is now showing up like this:   2  -rwx        7061   Jun 2 2017 13:06:53 +00:00  config.text.old^[[D^[^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[old   I've tried deleting using: delete /recursive /force flash:config...

DHCP Static Binding on Cisco IOS

We are replacing our Core L3 switch, but we would like to keep the DHCP bindings, so it will be less of a disruption.  Is it possible to export the current bindings from the old switch and import them into the new?

ppitts by Beginner
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Resolved! problem with remore services

hi everyone  i have problem to change one of my client network topology and IP subneting to implement vlan in their network,first i explain current and needed topology by picture ,       below is current topology that network is base on layer 2 switc...

eMerb by Beginner
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unable to ping server

Hello All, Can I please request your help to resolve the following problem. Here is a quick summary of my lab topology. I have a pair of nexus 5672up switches configured as vpc peers with two 10Gbps link aggregated to form the peer link. The peer kee...