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I want to set up a VLAN 20 ( /24) to have internet (which it does) but not be able to reach any of the other VLANs on the switch. However, I want the other VLANs on the switch to be able to reach it (say VLAN 26 at /24 and VLAN 2...

Hi,I am currently reviewing our STP setup as we are getting a number of regular storm control alerts even though it's set to 10% of a 10Gbit port for multicast and broadcast traffic and considering port utilisation for all traffic is typically only 1...

MP13 by Beginner
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Dear Community, I would like to have my router 2911 to have two interfaces with the same ip for the LAN,however, i have limited L3 devices so its just one router and two L2 switches. vrrp,glbp or hsrp or subif's is not to be used.What can be done?Tha...

isaaco001 by Participant
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  IP-PBX --- L3 SW----(Metro-ethernet/1Gbps)----L3 SW---L2 SW --- IP-Phone   - L3 SW and L2 SW, IP-phone is CISCO Products.- L2 SW is VoIP QoS enabled. [Question]Does L3 SW require Voice QoS settings?

Hello, is it possible to make NAT between two VLAN, and tranlate address from one side to the other and opposite. For example witch comes from vlan 1 transle it to And from the VLAN 2 address translate to

kwojtyra by Beginner
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Hello, is it possible to build jinja variable in DNA-C for erspan monitoring configuraiton? name internal_erspanmonitor session 12 type erspan-sourcesource interface Gi1/0/6 - 7 , Gi1/0/13 , Gi1/0/20 , Gi1/0/27 , Gi1/0/29 , Gi1/0/31 , Gi1/0/34 , Gi1/...

Can trunk port be created on interfaces of L2 devices? If so, then we can reach all vlans in our local area network without involvement of L3 device, right? Correct me, if I'm wrong.

Sagar4 by Beginner
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Hi Guys, See if you can help me.I am trying to transfer the firmware from my desktop to my Switch Cisco 2960S. I can reach, I can ping, it starts to transfer but I got that error in the end (see attached)Its been used the TFTPD32, SW CISCO 2960S, bot...

gabsnet by Beginner
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Hello,I have two c3560cx-12TC-s, connecting through the two fiber SFP modules to each other. It is set with trunk and port-channel on these two ports. (i.e. gi0/15 and gi0/16). The ports are almost in full capacity (only 1 port left). So I am thinkin...

As the title suggests we have a faulty switch(POE issues) which is part of a switch stack.Bad switch is # 2Switch# Role Mac Address Priority Version State------------------------------------------------------------1 Standby 008e.7368.f480 1 V06 Ready...