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Cisco 3750 traffic shaping

Hi all,      why is that my cisco 3750g doest not support traffic shapping/GTS or in CLI: traffic-shape group results to %unrecognized command. Am i missing some informations about my ios feature set?   Ios is ipservices 12.(55)SER

Resolved! Crypto on Catalyst 3560-E

I have a 3560-E on IOS version 12.2(37)SE1. It appears this is an IOS image without Crypto and thus SSH is not possible. What concerns must I be aware of before installing an image with Crypto?

Matt by Beginner
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We are trying to implement ERSPAN between two N5K (v. 7.1) in a vpc domain, since the probe is attached only to the first N5k-1. It says here that erspan-destination sessions are not supported on the N5k ( The option is there though in the monitor se...

xayavongp by Beginner
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Resolved! 4503E high cpu. (iosd,Cat4k Mgmt LoPri)

The cpu has suddenly increased.Core1 is very high. 90% keep.The network speed is also very slow.The following log is also displayed.What action should be taken?   Show process cpu historyShow process cpu sort | ex 0.00Show proc cpu detailed process i...

inb by Beginner
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Incoming connection

Dear Sir Recently following error is showing in some of my mail coming in my IronPort from outside domain. What is the actually cause. Is it network issue or Ironport problem. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 27 Feb 2018 21:4...

rockbd by Beginner
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Connecting to Internet with NAT

Hi, im trying to make a local network with GNS3. im using NAT and static routing to connect network and the R1 can connect to internet and able to ping any IP, but the PC1 cant even ping the cloud. here's my config.   R1#...


Resolved! Find a word inside a string regex

Hi all, having problems trying to find a word inside a string. the string is: {"reload": "True"} So i'm trying to regex for the word 'True', and store it in a variable like so. action 6.4 regexp "True" "$_cli_result" reg_res However, what is happenin...

Comm4nd0 by Beginner
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Logging traps

Hello,   If someone can assist with a question about logging server. I managed to build a Server that Captures syslog from router (not in the same network) What I am basically trying to do is to Capture the Debug information to sent to my server. Now...

Fotiosmark by Beginner
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