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Hi alli notice my ACL have sequnce number that is not in order, i thought the sequnce number should automagically goes in order, exmplae 10, 20, 30 ....... etc Switch#sh access-listsStandard IP access list 99    30 permit (328056 matches) ...

sj1031 by Beginner
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Hello,I am struggeling with my setup. I created a port-channel between two C9500 SVLs but the port-channel between those two goesn up and down again and again. I acitvated debug logging. Maybe someone can see the problem...# SVL1SpoilerFeb 10 07:30:0...

seb1303 by Beginner
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Resolved! Command on a Nex5K

Is the command:no system default switchportthe same as:no system default switchport shutdownThe first one exists on one of my switches, but when i look it up online i only see references to the second one....

Hi,Can some one help me please ? I have NEC ip phones that i need to move them from HP to cisco switches. I have created two vlans , one for the data and one for the voice . the problem is when i connect the phone to the port, it get an ip from the d...

Hello guys,i have a real simple setup to play around with ACLs. See AttachmentI want to deny icmp from to access-list ETH_SPSstatistics per-entry10 deny icmp Vlan15ip access-group ETH...

hi Team,   i have Cisco C9300 switch and i want MAC binging with DHCP pool and configured MAC address get ip address. !interface Vlan301description MAC-FILTER_TEST_SVIip address!!ip dhcp pool MAC-FILTER_TESTnetwork