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Hello, As we know that if there is a route which is not FS then it is still kept in the topology table. In case when Successor or Feasible Successor are lost , then router performs a query process to identify if routes are still available. My questio...

Hi!   I need your help in order to know if the design which I am attaching will work or I will have some problems with that.     Thanks!      

OSPF design.jpg
Yachay by Level 1
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Dear All, our Catalyst 2960X was MAC flooded by an Apple USB-C Hub with randomized MAC addresses. Have you ever observed a similar behavior in connection with Apple USB-C Hubs ? Port-Security brought the MAC flooding to a halt. Within a few seconds t...

I have a very old switch, a WS-C2950C-24. I've tried IOS both C2950-I6K2L2Q4-M, Version 12.1(22)EA7 (what I got it with) and EA14 (the most recent one I could dig up on the fora, since Cisco no longer offers this download). I've tried flashing via xm...

On an RV345P the firewall blocks the return from static routes, on an RV320 it works perfectly. I have a route from 192.168.12.x to with gateway The ping returns well and the route is perfect, but it does not return the c...

Hi everyone, could anyone help me? Previously we had a stack of switches with 4 (3750x) but we migrated the function to cisco nexus and we unpacked that stack using the switches individually.But every switch even unconfiguring the power-stack is aler...

TCERO by Level 1
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Trying to Configure an ACL for one of our Fex.  More specifically I want to create an ACL that allows the only VLAN on the Fex to our two DHCP servers.     Nexus  5k system image file is:    bootflash:///n6000-uk9.7.3.2.N1.1.bin     The below config ...

Hello, I have a SG300 switch, configured as follow : - L3 enabled - VLAN 1 : (switch IP : - VLAN 30 : (switch IP : - Internet access : (with VLAN 1) - Defaut gateway (IP - Prefix 0 - R...

Hi, This is a basic question, I'm not a network guy and I need to understand some basic staff. Thanks in advance for your help. In my enterprise I need to create 2 subnets to include about 200 IP each one, so I will mask the subnets  with  /24 I.E: 1...

Balma1969 by Level 1
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I noticed udp/18999 is always listed in #show udp even if no IP is configured as1r3#show udp Proto Remote Port Local Port In Out Stat TTY OutputIF 17 0 18999 0 0 11 0 What's so special about UDP/18999? Is this the first epheme...

Hello, I have a very large network which has several firewalls.  I have never seen some of these sites and I am wrapping my head around the network as a whole.   I do not have a master topology map to show me the layout, so I have been using tracert ...

suisse by Level 1
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