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Is it possible to capture other people's wireless packets? Because compared to wire packets, wireless packets are just flying around right? If possible, how can I capture? Also how can I prevent other people capturing my wireless packets? 

I can't get this description that put below, please explain what will happen if we have an arp entry so we know what is the mac address of a specific IP but we don't have the cam entry, so we don't know what interface we should go to reach that MAC? ...

George-Sl by Level 1
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Resolved! Trunk Ports - 2960

I am having a difficult time attempting to figure out why my trunk ports are not working on the Gig ports.  I can get a trunk port setup on ports 1-24 but when i attempt to create the trunks on the Gig ports I get no connectivity.  I see it is relate...

Sev by Level 1
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I have an issue when I connect a Tablet to a Docking Station to a Cisco 7911 Phone that is then connected to a LAN Switch port. The LAN Switch port is configured with Port Security and a MAC address limit of 5.What is happening in some situations is ...

dabrooks by Level 1
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Hello everyone, I'm in trouble with multicast. Topology is DC (Data center routers) connected via /30 with Core connected via /30 with access switch. All of them are 6500 and, as you can imagine, DC is an access layer too, only it connects servers. M...

    I have a C3850 that has Multiple VLANs on it. I need it to become the Gateway Router between the VLANs to the Firewall.   Ive done this on Several of the SG300/SG500 units, though not on the C3850. Its running 15.2 (Which I cannot Change)   Below...

stownsend by Level 2
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Hello everyone. Could someone please help me figure out why I can't access my web servers on a different VLAN. I have built a new network, but I'm still in the learning process. I can ping all my devices on the same and different VLANs (private addre...

Hi all,   so I got a cisco router 880, which I wanna configure to get access to its network via vpn , and also configuring remote desktop connection to one of the server in my LAN from home.   I tried a lot of combines, and i admit I m not that good ...

haa by Level 1
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Hi, I have a Nexus 5596 with this show license usage output Feature                      Ins  Lic   Status Expiry Date Comments                                 Count--------------------------------------------------------------------------------FCOE...

lomonaco by Level 1
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