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Hi All, I am practicing EIGRP lab and got into an issue with EIGRP neighbourship. The neighbor comes up and then goes down. It flaps. When it is up I tried to look at the routes but the routes are not learnt either. Below is the debug and other out...

First of all sorry if this question is very easy. I am a new student in networking, so I am still learning the basics. I have a problem that I have been working on for a while, but can't figure what I am doing wrong. I have been given an address "172...

Hi,   I do not see any drops in the following output except for the ones on the network port.  Could someone please tell me what these drops represent and if it is an issue? The switch stack is 3650s and running code - 3.06.06E sh platform qos queu...

lkadlik by Beginner
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Hi All, I am having a switch of model  3750. But the switch is trying to load again and again,it is not able to start normally. Can Anybody tell what is happening with my switch. It is third time that one of my cisco 3750 switch got defected. Kindly...

Resolved! DHCP snooping

Hello we have a fairly large network of approximately 300 Cisco switches/routers. We are trying to improve security and were considering implementing DHCP snooping on each switch in our network (simply as a matter of good security practice) My questi...

Hey, ive been trying to get a simple QoS Implementation to work. we purchased a stack of 3850s  for incoming traffic from clients. so ive been trying to marking incoming packets from the client network with specific DSCP and then apply priority based...

JRDIAZ758 by Beginner
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we have server, desktop, laptop, wireless ap, voice gateway, for access level switches, do we need server switches, laptop switches... or we can put all non server device into blade switches, other purpose of blade switches is to connect to other acc...

Resolved! DHCPv6 Issue

Hi Team, I configured a DHCPv6 server on Cisco 2901 router (c2900-universalk9-mz.SPA.151-4.M3.bin) in my office lab and Windows 10 System is getting the IPv6 address but it is not pinging with DHCP Router. I am getting error  "PING: transmit failed. ...

Dears, I would like to discuss regarding VPN Site to Site 'N' Number of showroom are connected to main office through VPN site to site. Showroom side CISCO887VA router is configured Main office cisco router 2900 series and ASA firewall  ASA5520( All ...

it by Beginner
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