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Today the company that I work for purchased two Meraki MX400 for Web Filtering. ¿Do you know if there any training or videos for this kind of equipment and what will be the setup? Thanks

Hello, To start I am experienced in networking and studying for my CCNA, but I am not a pro at all things Cisco when it comes to setting up from scratch.  I live mostly in an environment where things are already up and running. I am trying to build a...

Friends , We have snmp traps enabling  on our networking devices, roughly 250 ( Routers+switches). On all Wan (internet facing) routers , we have more or less the below traps enabled :   #sh run | i traps snmp-server enable traps snmp authenticatio...

Resolved! 2960x ssh denied

I have setup ssh on several switches, but I am about to be defeated by the 2960X series. Previously I have set it up using aaa model as per documentation, but hasn't helped.  I am now also trying another method without aaa model and still coming up s...

Hi guys I have a router RVS4000 and need to reset the password but I need to keep the actual configuration, "IS VERY IMPORT", the guy that use to handle the network pass away and unfortunately he don't left any notes about it. is there anyway to do i...

carlos by Level 1
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Hello, I have a 3650 L3 Cisco switch. I'm curious if someone can assist me with the following 2 questions: 1. How do I a simple search for a specific IP address or subnet on the switch to see if any VLAN has it configured already? I have a massive am...

I have a 3750X switch stack(2 switches) using them as Distribution switch. Sw2 is the master and Sw1 is member.  From Distribution switch, we have multiple interfaces bundled as port-channel and uplink to the Core and access switches. issue: As soon ...

vatter by Level 1
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I am connecting a Cisco 3650 to AT&T ASE network. We have a CIR at 50Mb connected to a 100Mb port. I need to limit the bandwidth at the switch. We also are using Cisco 3750 and in them we are able to use " srr-queue bandwidth limit 50" on the interfa...

gulledgek by Level 1
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Resolved! BGP Failover

I am trying to get bgp failover working between two routers.  BGP is up with both ISPs but I cannot figure out how to get the failover working.  I've been reading various documentation fro two days now and I am still stuck.  My ASN is 393235.  The IS...