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3850/3750 power supply failure log entry

During the last year we've experienced 2 power supply failures in our 3750 or 3850 switch stack power supplies. Our stacks are not connected with the power and data cables, but rather just the data cables. These switches provide fanout to user access...

blues22 by Beginner
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VOIP Subnet request

Hi, We have a project of creating a seprate subnet for VOIP phones where we are having some issues and need some assist. In current scenario, the VOIP phones, VOIP Server and the machines are placed on default VLAN (1) ( where the GW o...

Back to back N7k and N5K

We have a client where the current setup is a VPC pair of Nexus 7Ks in the core.  As well as a Nexus VPC pair of N5Ks in the DC.  The N5Ks and the N7Ks are currently back-to-back connected with VPCs.  Now, the client is looking to deploy NSX in the D...

ncowger by Beginner
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IPServices license 3560x switch

I have recently purchased a 3560x switch with IPServices software on.(or so I thought) How can I ensure that the license is active and not going to default to IP base? The provider ensures me that the license has been paid for and on the switch. #sh ...


Hi,recently I bought 4 ws-c3560-24ts-e reforbished from eBay and It has ip base IOS installation. The only reason that I got this It's because this model should support Ip service IOS.My questions is could i install IPS ios on this without any paymen...

attar0001 by Beginner
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Resolved! MTU of VLAN sub-interfaces

Hi, I have a doubt. Why is it necessary to have "MTU of  VLAN interface must not exceed the MTU of the underlying real interface". Is it generic to have such values or there is a specific reason? Regards, Sandeep

Sandeep HM by Beginner
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ICMP is not working

Hi all, There is a weird issue , its not working with ping between 7206 and 3550its unable to ping all interface ip each other between 7206 and 3550 , but telnet interface ip is workingthe arp mac is also correct , anything looks all right but icmp.b...

Resolved! IPV6 OSPF neighbor state

In troubleshooting OSPF IPV6 routing on C4500x switches (entservice license) having only Area0 backbone, the routes are being propagated ok but  I see the <show ipv6 ospf neighbor> output reflects all neighbors in the FULL state -No DR/BDR.  Could  t...