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I have 5 networks, 4 of which are completely air gapped. These are all flat layer 2 networks with no routing. I would like to monitor these networks with Solarwinds if possible. I have played around with noswitchport command and connected one port on...

Jason1231 by Level 1
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Dear experts I have cisco 9300 alias IP address is configured as from the supplier  How i can remove it or change this ip address since i have a device connected to the switch have the same ip address and unchangeable   

myusuf by Level 1
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Hi,Connected 2 brand new C9300 in stacked configuration. Both switches have 10G modules installed.To test, connected a PC with straight cable to a:1. 10G port on Network module - port light comes on after SFP+cable connection, no issues here. Green l...

Hi guys - I don't do this often, but last time i used the webui to update image and webui/switch interface. The update failed, but the image was uploaded. the html dir and all the rest failed to update. The following directory information from switch...

dayjom111_0-1718385226183.png dayjom111_1-1718385266604.png
dayjom111 by Level 1
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Hello, everyone. I have 2 questions regarding dCEF and chassis devices as I just started learning about them. 1. I've read that there are Route Switch Processor cards in chassis devices which serve the same purpose as a CPU. My question is, what is a...

Mitrixsen by Level 1
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Hi all, hope you can help me.I have several sites configured with MACSEC running MKA on Ciscos 9300 and 9200, everything was working correctly but had a situation where on June 12 at 10AM the links with MACSEC dropped and reconnected again after some...

Othacon by Level 1
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Hello,Background - Server connected using 10GB sfp from one slot, and another slot. This goes to the Cisco 9K. I've provided a working example that is VPC 6, and my other not working example VPC 19.I need some help with my VPC's. VPC19 is not connect...

RG78874 by Level 1
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Hi,  I am planning to deploy a stack of two C9300-24S as a distribution switch. The in-house cabling is optical with LC connectors, but the WAN handoff will be RJ45. I was searching for a compatibility matrix to know what SFP modules to order for bot...

Marek H by Level 1
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