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I have an issue where at one of our manufacturing plants where we run multiple VLAN's, several of the production equipment port connections are showing up on the equipment as a duplicate IP, and the equipment will not come online. it involves 8 ports...

samonish by Level 1
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Gents the requirement is that we have to bundle three ports on nexus 5K (port-channel) so i will add mode trunking,vpc etc etc and allow vlans on the port channel...my question is do i have to go and individually configure the ports itself as well w...

9504 switch with N9K-X9464PX line card ,Support MPLS ,IEEE 802.3ab , IEEE 802.3ae ,IEEE 802.1w ,IEEE 802.1s ,IEEE 802.1p ,IEEE 802.1Q ,IEEE 802.1Qaz ,IEEE 802.1Qbb ,IEEE 802.3ad or not ?

Hi, I have a HP procurve 2510 acting as the core and 5 x Catalyst 2960S working as edge. MSTP is used but I keep having problem with the Cisco switches that the root port in all 5 cisco switches are changing every 1 hour. Below is the log from one o...

dannylai1 by Level 1
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Hi All, Please help us. We are using Cisco SG300 switch and CISCO2921 router ! We are unable to ping and telnet  router to switch SG 300 , but we are getting  ping router to PC , PC to router  Cisco Router  interface fa 0/1.22 encapsulation dot1Q 22 ...

asif.mo01 by Level 1
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Hello All, Im new with all the QoS settings and I need some help. I the following simple topology: LAN (int Vlan4 Router c861W-------------WAN (public IP by dhcp 200.75.56.X/24) In the LAN I have 4 users with Manual DHCP a...

I have a Nexus 9396PX in our lab to which we have a console connected. The console went unresponsive last friday. After power cycling the switch (multiple times), it would go through this initialization and then go unresponsive: Trying

muthu by Cisco Employee
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     Does anyone know how to configure a 4500X with a GLC-T SFP so that it will work at 100M.     The data sheets say it will work at 10/100/1000 but Im not seeing that happencan't set the speed and it doesnt negotiate with anything at 100Mit will on...

jschweng by Level 1
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Hi. I have un Nexus 7k with two N7K-SUP (SUP1) installed and in service. I need to upgrade the chasis to N7K-SUP2E without service interruption. The quiestion is if one SUP1 and one SUP2 can work together... I mean... I wont to remove de standby SUP1...