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3850 PoE issues with AP3600 and AP3700

The switch is more than capable of providing 30 watts of power to the 3600AP yet it negotiates 15.4 watts and then I get errors in prime. Can someone explain how to fix this issue or what is causing the problem? Both radios are enabled so I would exp...

Resolved! 2 LAN interface in Cisco 1841 Router

hi all,i have a cisco 1841 router with a DSL module for WAN link and set up FE0/1 for the LAN interface. i have a spare FE0/0 port that i would like to use as an additional LAN interface. would it be possible so that i would not disconnect my LAN swi...

Replacing WS-SUP720-3B with a VS-S2T-10G

I have a remote pair of production 6509-E switches I need to replace the Supervisors in to support WS-X6716-10T-3C line cards.Is there any easy way to replace a WS-SUP720-3B with a VS-S2T-10G, preserving the existing swtich/port configurations quickl...

kasmall by Beginner
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Supervisor uplink ports

Hi all, Is there anything special about the on-board 10G ports on supervisor cards? (Eg. Sup2T/Sup8e). Or are they just 'normal ports' which can be used to connect other switches, servers etc.What is their use case in the real world? Are they commonl...

ip vrf " feature does not supported " on 3650

Hi Guys, need help and suggestion I am trying to using VRF for my company on serveal  3650 switches, after I input " ip vrf vpn1" command, the system pop up as " the feature does not supported " I am using a 3650 IP BASE switch with  cat3k_caa-univer...

kisaye by Beginner
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Resolved! HIGH CPU Utilization on Catalyst 6504

Greetings,I would love is someone could point me in the right direction on my issue.  Our 6500 series switch is just not happy right now, there are no service interruptions due to this, just a very sluggish switch.  I feel if this keeps going then I'...

Help for Cisco router daily crash

Hello,Our client have a Cisco C837 router (K903Y6-M) in version 12.4.The router crash about 1 time per day. When it happens, the router doesn't respond anymore on each interface.The ping doesn't work.After a reboot, it works perfectelly. And after ab...

Resolved! Storm Control on N5K NXOS 6.x

Hi Guys,I am bit confuse with storm control support on Nexus 5K NXOS 6.x. I have notices the storm control is only available only on port channel interface. However, in earlier version 5.x it can be enable on physical interface level as well.http://w...

asadhasan by Beginner
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