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Native VLAN Question

I am working on a core switch replacement and am working on setting up the trunk ports. I've read various documents, posts, etc... about native vlans and am in information overload. I'm hoping that someone here can either clear up things or confirm w...

snowmizer by Beginner
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Resolved! Switch CLI on Catalyst 6509

Hello,I just got access to Catalyst 6509 switch with two supervisor engine 2T cards. For future use I was looking for a way how to reset/restart active supervisor and get stand-by supervisor to cover its functionality during booting. From documentati...

mathias54 by Beginner
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New Config, Can't access WAN from LAN

I am rebuilding our configuration on both of our 2911 routers from scratch. Replacing them one at a time. I loaded this config into the router, but I wasn't able to access the internet from any computers behind the router. I can ping WAN addresses fr...

Sbecker by Beginner
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2960X 15.02(EX5) %AAA-3-ACCT_LOW_MEM_UID_FAIL:AAA unable to create UID for incoming calls due to insufficient processor memory.

Deployed four 2960X switches in a stack.  All okay for about one month then tried to web browse for the first time via firefox which partially displayed the page.  I assumed this was a browser error.  So tried Chrome then IE which both failed.  Chrom...

Jumbo Frames on Nexus 5k

I need to enable jumbo frames on a pair of Nexus 5k's that sit between UCS B chassis and Netapp Storage.  If I enable it globally using service policy, how will it affect other things connected to the 5k's that aren't using jumbo frames?

rdotson by Beginner
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FWSM / ACE-30 shared vlan group, getting the shared vlans out of the chassis - F5 integration of AFM / LTM

Hi NG, I am currently replacing the combination of an FWSM and ACE-30 out of a Catalyst 6500 chassis with a bunch of F5 AFM/LTM's.Now, by history of the company the current implementation looks similar to this Layer 2 configuration of ACEs.The FWSM a...

PCs failed to get dynamic IP Addresses?

Greetings, PCs from VLAN 10 cant receive dynamic IP Addresses from the Multilayer Switch(MSHQ3), which i configured it with DHCP. MSHQ3 is connected to a switch(SHQ1), SHQ1 is configured with trunk port and only will receive VLAN 10 from MSHQ3, and a...

Resolved! VTP between CAT3750-X and CAT4500-X

Hi,I have a 3750 and a 4500 that are trunked together to share vlan 10 and vlan 100 through a VTP domain - test. The VLAN 100 on my 4500 has an IP of and the VLAN 100 on my 3750 has an IP of Is this do-able? For some reason I...

Policy map trunk

Hi,I want to configure MQC and bind the policy map to a interface configured as trunk. A few vlan's are configured.  2 of them are used as transit vlan for routing and carries the bulk of the traffic I want to shape. I was wondering how I should "cap...

Erik Boon by Beginner
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Resolved! Link utilization impact on responsiveness

Hello, I'm reading a book, and here it says:That as the link utilization grows (even from 10% to 50%) the responsiveness time grows. I always thought that if the link is ~90proc utilized, then the drops can occur. Can someone explain from physics fie...

from88 by Participant
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Multiple VLAN traffic on one switchport

Good Morning all,I would like some help with a switchport config on one of my VMware clusters.Currently the live vDS sits with the below config on a Cisco 4500switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q switchport trunk native vlan 8 switchport mode trunk s...