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Resolved! Ip helper-address

Hi all, We've put in a Cisco 3550 a command "ip helper-address" on a vlan interface.But when we connect a pc on the vlan 1 the DHCP, which is in vlan 2, its give it a good ip address.When we try to disconnect from vlan 1 to put on vlan 2, we don't re...

SFP vendor not supported

Hi All,      i have 2 issue with my Nexus 3548    1-  when i insert  GLC-SX-MMD into Nexus 3548P-10G port i got SFP vendor not supported if i check the interface however this is the original CISCO SFP and at the same port the 10G SFP+ from Cisco is w...

Can't connect to Switch

So we have this cisco sg200-50p switch at our IT department. When powering on the switch, the power light keeps blinking green. This should mean it is obtaining an IP address. It keeps blinking for hours without any progess.So we have followed some t...

noelsimons by Beginner
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Cisco 4507R+E with SUP6L-E

Hello All, At my core of my network I have a 4507R+E with a SUP6L-E and a 3750X, both these units are configured for HSRP.  So essentially the 3750X is not doing anything.  Many moons ago, at the time or purchase an additional SUP6L-E was twice the c...

kle00002k by Beginner
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DHCP Pool error

Dear All, I have L3 switch configured as DHCP server for 5 pools. For one of the pools the the leased IP shows as 4294967275. The capture is enclosed. Request you to kind support for this problem. Regards,Eash

eash by Beginner
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Resolved! local policy route-map for policy route

Hi  this is related my previous question:I want to set policy route on asr1004, that redirect vpn traffic.  my case is:  asr1004 import a default route from int 0 with bgp neibour address internal traffic co...

julxu by Beginner
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N5K : ethanalyzer capture-filter not working

N5K, NX-OS 7.0.5ethanalyzer capture-filter not working whatever the filters used;I understand the capture-filter values are different from display-filter;for example :ethanalyzer local interface inbound-hi capture-filter 'ip proto 89' limit-captured-...

guillerm by Beginner
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Resolved! Port problems

I have a 2851 and a 3750. I have several IP cameras. I can see them inside my network just fine. However i cannot view my server remotely. I am using Blue Iris software. The app connects over port 81. I cannot connect through the app. When i go to th...

Resolved! Split-brain conundrum with HSRP

Hi Cisco Experts: I have a split-brain issue with HSRP running on (2x) 3560 switches.  If my ether-channel goes down between my two 3560 switches, HSRP is going to make both switches active gateways for the same subnet - effectively splitting my subn...