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Site to Site VPN

Hi, I have a Site to Site VPN setup and the connection appears to be UP. But i am unable to ping in both directions? I am unable also to ping the internal interface of the routers. Here are the configs:MAIN OFFICE:Current configuration : 5127 bytes!!...

sslack031 by Beginner
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Resolved! Routing

Hi All, I would like to know route propagation is possiable as mentioned below.FYI, please find the attached Network diagram. Scenario 1:-From Site 1 it will use Sprint to reach all sites.Currently, if Sprint link(shown in red line) down at site1 it ...

Debug IP Policy on Cisco 4451-X ISR Router

Cisco 4451-X ISR router is running IOS XE Software version 03.13.00.S.  I am trying to run the command "debug ip policy" on the router to verify if the traffics are policy-routed correctly, but I get no output displayed on the router for the debug co...

Stack Power

Hello guys,I have three  Catalyst 3850 , but just two power module, so one 3850 will be not powered. Can I share power between the three switches, using StackPower technology? If yes, how? Thanks Regards

Ramifications of setting MTU 9000

I have 4 Cisco 3750's layer 2/3 in a stack that is used for server and core connectivity. There are 3 VLAN's for a hyperv cluster, one for iscsi traffic, one for heartbeat/live migration cluster traffic and one for a virtual switch and all other serv...

Cisco 4500-E Sup8E

I have question about Cisco Supervisor 8-E. Switch Capacity up to 928 Gbps.But it can 48 Gbps per slot. Normally if we have 48 GigE port with full duplex switch forwarding need 96 Gbps, right?So if sup8E can suport only 48 Gbps our line have full ope...


one of ports that connected to PoE IP camera and shows error message as below;PDE-USERSW-01#008275: *Dec  2 12:41:58.423: %ILPOWER-3-CONTROLLER_PORT_ERR: Controller port error, Interface Gi1/0/8: Power Controller reports Short detectedI plugged into ...

Resolved! LImited Telnet access

Hello All,I have a 2906 switch on which i have two user vlans from seperate departments.vlan2 and vlan3 with respective SVIs.I have enabled telnet access as well on the switch.my question is how to allow only users of vlan2 to telnet the switch and n...

mudasir05 by Beginner
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network traffic problem

In my organization I have Cisco switches(2960) and router(2800) which connects ISP for Internet access and also I have organizational mail and web server. I am facing the problem to accessing mail and web server outside my network in unless I have re...

temphos12 by Beginner
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