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HiAre BPDU sent on all port of switch with any status or sent only some status?On one switch with stp enable,we have 3 status for port,DP,BLK,Root. On Which status are BPDU sent ?Thanks in advance

N.ima0102 by Level 1
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Hello,I'm trying to get a configuration started for a small school. We recently upgraded to the Cisco SG300 series of switches. I need to create two separate VLANs that each go to separate routers. The routers then connect to separate internet connec...

Asking this out to the general Cisco community: I have a DHCP superscope setup on a Win2K3 server which is in the 209.180.X.X range. I moved it to a new DHCP server which is in the 192.168.X.X range. None of my clients could obtain an IP address. I c...

wfr33man1 by Level 1
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Does the 4500-X with IOS XE version 3.4.3 not yet support IPv6 VRF-Lite configuration ?When creating a multi protocol VRF definition it wil not accept address-familily ipv6:% IPv6 address family is not supportedThough the management vrf has it with b...

Im upgrading an ios and ran into some issue. I don't know what this mean. I tried to search it but cant find the answer. Can someone enlightened me.cor01-6506#reloadReload to the ROM monitor disallowed from a telnet line.Set the SP configuration regi...

How would I be able to determine which switch a physical interface is tied to from the CLI?  In other words, I'm sitting at the prompt on the active 4500x and need to setup one port on one of the switches. How do I know which switch hosts the interfa...

Hello.I configure a PBR on our 2 core switches in VLAN.show route-maproute-map TEST, permit, sequence 10  Match clauses:    ip address (access-lists): 100  Set clauses:    ip next-hop 10.178.x.x  Policy routing matches: 100 packets, 9000 bytes interf...