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Resolved! VPC on Nexus 2Ks

So my setup is a VPC with 5Ks and with each 2K with uplinks to only one 5K.  Is it possible for servers to port-channel to both 2Ks for a VPC?  Or is that only possible if the 2Ks have a VPC back to the 5Ks?

zyang by Beginner
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connectivity loss

Hi  There are some projectors  it shows connected but when i ping i cant reach I tried extended ping from  the same vlan , no success .i tried to ping broadcast address no success.it works only when do a port shut or no shut What could be the problem...

elite2010 by Participant
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Routing from 2821 to RV042

I have a 2821 with 2 GE ports integrated.  I have one port G0/0, connected to my existing network, the is running on a CISCO RV042, small business router, which is acting as my firewall and connecting to the internet through a cable modem.  G0/1 is c...

Cisco WS-X4548-RJ45V+ module showing as unsupported in 4510R-E chassis with SUP 6-E

Hello All.I am facing an issue with WS-X4548-RJ45V+  line card in 4510R-E chassis with the following specs                   - two sup 6-E running sso redundancy                  - ROM version 12.2(44r) SG                  - IOS version 15.0(2)SG ent...

VSS to vPC Layer 3 over Encryptors

I am looking for help with L3 connectivity between a Catalyst VSS pair and Nexus vPC pair. The connections must transport L3 IP encryptors. The attached diagram shows the physical connections.Any thoughts on this model and advice on the L3 configurat...

Resolved! Nexus vPC Limitations

We have a pair of Nexus 56128 switches configured for vPC. We need to connect both FEX modules and CAT 3Ks. I know we are limited to (24) total FEX modules. What about LACP channels to CAT3Ks? Any limitations on the total allowed vPCs? See attached d...

Random SSH Authentication Failure on 2960

Hi CSC,I encounter an issue during authentication (SSH) on my 2960 and I've been attempting various troubleshooting - without success so far.Network topology:Core Switch (Cisco) ------------ DMZ Switch 1 (Cisco, 2960) ------------ Internet Firewall C...

Resolved! Cisco 2060 and ASA 5505

Hi Guys, I have an ASA 5505 in a test environment that I am currently building and would like to know if it is possible to setup a PortChannel group between the ASA and a Cisco 2960 switch. If this is not possible I can see two ways of doing things, ...