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Can some one help me find the upgrade procedure for a 3560-x?I'm going from 12.2x to 12.2.55The 3560-x page says upgrade but when I go to it, it only has docs in there for hardware and install docs. Or if there is an easier way to do it with a flash ...

jonesm111 by Level 1
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Hello Guys,am having some challenges on my network, I have two(2) service providers who provides me MPLS Layer 3 data links to my headoffice, one of these providers serves as backup for me and i have 5 branches connecting to the Head office from diff...

easamoah1 by Level 1
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I have two VM hosts (both Dell r720) and 3 - 2960x switches with 2 SFP ports each (in a stack with the stacking modules and cables). I'd like to link the hosts to the local LAN via the SFP ports using 10gb mmf. HBA cards in the hosts and modules in t...

Dear all, We recently received a Cisco EPC3925 for internet access. We will use this as a backup. The way we have things setup right now is:                                                              / Cisco EPC3925 => internet ISP ALAN: Cisco ios ...

michellp by Level 1
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Hi, please i need help,is possible on router "Cisco EPC3925 EuroDocsis 3.0 2-PORT Voice Gateway" block on one MAC adress site Facebook.com ?MAC is from my daughter and i need block it, but for school she need internet. And is possible blocket one MAC...

Hi, I apologize if this is in the incorrect forum, it looked like the best fit. I'm wondering about voltage tolerances of the Cisco EPC3010 cable-modem.  I understand it's normally using a 12V wallwart-type power supply, but I'm betting there's a dec...

Hello there! I've got a big problem. I bought a new connection with this router, and the first time i tried to access it it had the default <blank> username and password it, so i changed it. But now i really don't remember what it could be. I tried t...

thth-tyth by Level 1
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I would like to be able to use NAT loopback on a Cisco EPC3925 so that I can refer from my iPad to the webserver that is located on my iMac on the same LAN by using the external site name. Is that possible and if so, how can I configure the router? T...

Hi, I would like to be able to limit a group of users to certain sites but am encountering problems. I was wondering if anyone can help me. I logged into the Cisco EPC3925 config menu, clicked on Access Restrictions and, under Basic Rules modified th...

chribonn by Level 1
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