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Hello everyone, I would like to tell you about my case. I have a 2950 connected to the network through a trunk port (fa0 / 48), the other active port is fa0 /1 in vlan200. The port has always worked well.Suddenly, we lost connectivity with the host (...

Levante86 by Beginner
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Does anyone have any more info on the SSLv3 Poodle vulnerability in that are any of the Cisco switches, in particular the ACE load balancer (If they do SSL offloading) vulnerable to this?http://www.wired.com/2014/10/poodle-explained/If so, if there a...

Hello All,I have a switch that goes of every two days on our network.. Please see sh logging details after a reboot was perform.can anyone tell me what the issue might beNote: this switch is connected to a Video Conference device    See show logging ...

opeolaoya by Beginner
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Hi,I have a stupid question for most of you probably not n00bs like me.I have a private network that I connect to using my dsl router as an ap., but I now want to use a cisco device to do the routing and my dsl router for just the wireless side.My pr...

Hi everybodyHi everybody .Please consider the following example: 3560 sw f1/1--------trunk---SW23560 swf1/1mls qos trust dscp3560 is using default cos-dscp map, assume a 3560 receives a frame carrying IP packet on f1/1 with COS 4, what will 3560 swit...

sarahr202 by Contributor
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Hi,We have one Catalyst 3750 with higher CPU utilization. ( CPU utilization for five seconds: 36%/30%; one minute: 27%; five minutes: 28% ) The CPU utilization for the other Catalyst 3750 is below 10% We execute "sh proc cpu sort | exc 0.00" many tim...

jackson.ku by Participant
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Hi All, I am having issue specifally doing QOS configuration on 6503 or 6524 or 6509 switches. I am unable to match any EF(voice) traffic for eompls(vlan based) on 6503 cisco switch. If i use any other router as 2811 or 2821 my QOS configuration work...