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I currently have an Inter-Vlan routing network using a Layer 2 switch and a Layer 3 switch, the former one manages the vlan's ports for the clients and the latter routes the communications between them. I have a trunk cable between the switches in or...


Hi everyone,I have a cluster with 3 devices and I'm getting a message: (VTP VLAN configuration not allowed when device is not the primary server for vlan database) when I trying to add a new vlan.According to this: https://community.cisco.com/t5/swit...

JonRedn11 by Level 1
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Community, I am reading about the Native VLAN in 802.1q and came across this particular spanning tree issue but am having trouble understanding exactly how it works. When a native vlan mismatch exists on both ends of a trunk link, CDPv2 will gripe an...

Craddockc by Level 3
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We'd like to limit a specific user's access on our core Cisco 9300 switch stack.We want them to be able to modify only a specific extended access list, and to not be able to create or delete other access lists.We've got their view setup to where they...

misterpm by Level 1
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Hello,I want to migrate from 2960 to 9200 with IOS 17.06.05In the previous configuration, I had thisenable secret 5 XXXXXXXX....enable password 7 XXXXXX.......So i do this :#enable secret 9 $9$..If I understand correctly, I no longer need to put enab...

abtt-39 by Level 1
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Hi, a question regarding the two STP variants MST and rapid-pvst+. In a network running rapid-pvst+, if we reach the limitation with rapid-pvst+ instances (128 per switch), can we just use MST concurrently with the new set of vlans? Or migration from...

Resolved! snmp traps

hi all,i have configured 4 snmp hosts in the catalyst switch as my NAC appliances for traps forwarding.i need to know how the cisco switch forwards the snmp-traps to several hosts ? is it the first host configured will serve all the request and forwa...

Hello thereI'm using 93180-FX3 chassis cisco switches and my NXOS is 9.3(9)I have connected SNMP of switch to my zabbix server. but there is a bug in SNMP data that is being sent. many spikes happen with the number of rx byte of every port. for examp...

Can anyone enlighten me on how hosts deal with excessive broadcast traffic? Do they all deal with them differently? From desktop PCs, laptops, servers, IoT devices etc. My understanding is that hosts will be interrupted to process these requests, so ...

xylofi by Level 1
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When I run the below code getting the read timeout error, need expert adviceThings you might try to fix this:Adjust the regex pattern to better identify the terminating string. Note, inmany situations the pattern is automatically based on the network...

ajunair by Level 1
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