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Hi Everyone,I have some old switches 2950G-48 with some memory allocation errors, when I see the show version I see a different size of memory as reported by the CNA and the show memory stats. Question:Why they don´t match?Show versioncisco WS-C2950G...

I have a few questions on setting up (re-configuraing) a small business LAN. The network consists of 2 core switches, both cisco 3750G and a Microsoft Threat Management Gateway as the router / firewall. The TMG has 3 NIC, DMz, Internal LAN, and Exter...

I have a 3750 stack as my core switch in my Atlanta location. We recently purchased a new 3850, but I can't ping back and forward between them. They do see each other as CDP neighbors. Here is my setup3750 -> core switch ( - gateway)garfield...

jdiaz by Beginner
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Need help setting up SLA on 2 IP phones in a small business.  The company has 2 lines, when a incoming call comes in on line 1, both IP phones ring.  However, if user A answers her IP phone and wants to transfer to User B, user B gets a dial tone whe...

I have configured HSRP in VLAN 1 on both core switches. Core 1 is active and core 2 is in standby mode. I can  see standby,active IP and VIP on both core switches.But from Core 2 (standby) i could not ping VIP,active Ip address.1.Connection between t...

I currently have two 3750's (stacked). We recently purchased two new 3850's and have stacked them as well. My question is, how to I trunk them? I want to be able to use the new switches with the same vlans and IP addresses as the existing. The new sw...

jdiaz by Beginner
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Hi,I have a pair of Cisco 6504's with Sup-720's running 12.2(33)SXH4.  I have set up my devices to export netflow records via a VRF which is working but I am only seeing flows for traffic that is software switched by the 6500.  All hardware switched ...

Hello,i am looking for switching solution for FTTB project. But if i compare 48port solution with 3560x performacne and 4500E with SUP6L-E supervisor and X4648 gig line card, it looks be better to use 3560x solusion, or i am not right? What do you th...

i am running 4500-x in vss mode. I have set of stackable upstream switches (2960s) that does not support epagp. I cant use fast hello because my ios on 4500x does not support it and dont want to upgrade it. i dont want to use pagp and terminate all l...

Hi,We have WS-C4507R+E switch and WS-C2960X-24PS-L and we configured VLANs and VTP on 4507 switch we connected 2960X switch on 2960 we configured VTP vlan are communicated on 2960 switch.Vlan details :38,40.41.42,43,and 44 4507 switch ip

tnrs_tnrs by Beginner
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