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Hi all, I trying settings the follow environment.  Exists any tecnology permit the vlans the client 1 go encapsulation into vlan 100 and traffic client 2 into vlan200. I trying follow setting switchport mode dot1q-tunnel I reserarching the 802.1ad an...

r-barbosa by Level 1
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Hello Friends,  we have WS-C6513-E ( IOS 15.0(1)SY7a ) with VS-SUP2T-10G.We started receiving the following errors : from show log : %C6KENV-4-MINORTEMPALARM: EARL 7/0 device-1 temperature crossed threshold #1(=110C). It has exceeded normal operating...

jgeralsky by Level 1
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Resolved! QOS query

Team, I have made QOS on the edge router to serve the bandwidth for Voice and set it EF bit. My question is, if incoming packet is already EF bit marked and when it will reach to edge router , then what router will do. Will it remove the ef marking a...

rkashyapv by Level 1
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HiI dont understand what i the following commands do, can someone please let me know authentication control-direction in authentication event fail action authorize vlan 100 authentication event server dead action authorize vlan 140 authentication eve...

Resolved! Hi CPU Utilization

Good day, We have a router (Cisco 2900 Series ) and we are  terminating L2P VPNs  (VPND) on it. We are getting the following processes when the CPU is high and they causing high CPU utilization,6    72013880     4251984      16936  7.83%  0.99%  0.75...

Mmiselo by Level 1
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Hey, If UDLD is configured to detect when a link is still up, but for whatever reason BPDUs have stopped, what use is configuring it on links that are connected to a vPC? Can a VPC configuration still benefit from UDLD?Note: we've installed a 3850 st...

hi all,just a quick one, i'm going to change the IPs on our LAN switches.will i get disconnected if i change the ip default-gateway IP?i know i've configured a switch before without this and it still works.i would be changing the SVI IP last. no ip d...

Hello,I want to connect switches with optcal fiber (ports mini-GBIC) for 10 Gbit speedI have these switchesCisco SG300-28 28-Port Gigabit Managed SwitchCisco SGE2000 24-port 10/100/1000 Ethernet Switch0-28Cisco SRW2008-K9-G5Cisco SRW2048-K9-EU What m...

Resolved! ME-3400 VTP issue

I have Cisco ME-3400 switch and i am not able to apply vtp commands please let me know if this switch supports vtp or not if yes then what is the command or procedure. Thanks

Hi, Seeing CPU uilization at 90% very often , initial analysis done as per the Support forums output but no where I got the solution for our problem. Please see the output provided. We see the out put of CPU where Cat4k Mgmt LoPri is more and under t...

Hi Team,I have a doubt .....In our office we have 4 access point .... and as wifi users increases we are planning to create 4 VLAN and each VLANhave one AP .. but the problem is When wifi users roam from one AP to another AP i,e from one vlan to anot...