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 hello all,,i have a network with multiple VLANs assigned for each departement,and i need to add a windows server to the network in a way that will allow communication between all vlans and the serverthe topology is as follows:router with connected t...

hadeeel78 by Level 1
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Hi,Can you advise where this came from?  This IP is not defined any where on the network.TIA.PF sh user    Line       User       Host(s)              Idle       Location   2 vty 0                idle                 00:01:01  ...

pokwan by Level 1
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An Auditor at our company wants us to find and identify one of the C3750 switches on our network.  The only information he has available is a SLA with the serial number on it.  Is there a way someone at CIsco can provide me the MAC address if i give ...

Hi,Recently, I spoke with CISCO pre-sales rep about 3560X series switches. I asked if LAN base software can do inter-VLAN routing, and was told that both LAN base and IP base can. Now, can someone confirm that LAN base can do inter-VLAN routing (I th...

We have purchased 2 nos of SG500x-24 small business switches and want to configure High availability auto failover configuration.I have not found any articles for Switch HA configurations. Please guide me how to achieve this.

I recently changed some configs on two L3 switches running OSPF.  After this change I'm now getting the below log message about ever 2 minutes or so on one of the switches ( Process 1 re-originates LSA ID ty...

We have a new building about 300 meters from our main data center. 8 catalyst 4500 series switches will be installed for access layer. We are running a Nexus 7k on our data center, with a user VDC that we plan to connect these access layer switches. ...

pmpesha by Level 1
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hey guys,  i have a cisco 4510R+E with Sup 7-E 10GE and these line cards  WS-X4748-UPOE+E .. once all ports are filled up in a line card, a few poe ports stop working. they do not power up. internet works, but poe does not work. cisco recommends to R...

hello all,please can you help me, i have problem with my Cisco network assistant  version when i run it i get this message :Read/write access problems:Accès refusé=======================================Note: Read/write access is required for...

 Hi experts..I have a bit confusion about NSSA. Stub area does not allow external routes but NSSA allow. So what is difference between  configuring an area as NSSA and not configuring area as NSSA or any type of stub.Pls make me clear.

Anukalp S by Level 1
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