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LACP with Weighted Load Balancing

Hi,I am trying to figure out how to use weighted load balancing (WLB) with LACP in Nexus 5K. Please can you give any duidance on this because the documentation I found so far is not helpful.Basically I have a port channel cosisting of two physical 1G...

VLAN 2 can not reach the internet.

I have two VLANs 2 and 3, VLAN 3 is my user network and VLAN 2 is my server network. The two VLANs can talk, but VLAN 2 can not get out to the internet. What am I doing wrong?Building configuration...Current configuration : 2735 bytes!! Last configur...

Log filled with Psecure Message

Hi All,I've got an issue which has also been discussed on March 2008, and than marked as an ignorable error (as in will be solved in new IOS release)Currently more than 5 years later I am also having this issue on one of my switches. Here are the fac...

How do I separate LAN and WLAN?

HiIm totally new to networking but have been asked to sort our IT by the boss.We currently run a wired network that also includes 3 WAP's, with a network address of 192.168.2.xwe want to separate all wireless with an address of 192.168.3.x.How can we...

Resolved! Route Appearing on a Layer 2 Switch

I have a situation with my switches and Solarwinds. I have layer 2 switches that use a default gateway but are getting a route somehow. I will show a switch down in Solarwinds even though I know it isn't down. When I get on the switch and do a show I...

dmosher35 by Beginner
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Kindly I need advice regarding this design

HiThis is my first post and I am a person with very limited knowledge of networking. My boss asked me to design a simple network -in spite of my lack of knowledge- for his new building, this is my so-called designThe following are the circumstances I...

Resolved! VSS with SUP 2T - VSL Links

Dear All,I have two sup2T, one in each 6500E chassis. I need to understand about portchannel for VSL. I have seen some configuration with one portchannel for both 10G link as a singal VSL and some configuration with two different portchannel with two...

Resolved! Stop intervlan communication

In my network I am using Cisco 2921 with 3 GBit interfaces.G0/0 goes to the internetG0/1 goes to my squid proxyG0/2 connects to SG300- 24 port managed GBit switch.I am using wccp for my caching mechanism.The switch has 24 ports I have created Vlans 2...