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Is there any wccp restriction for SUP2T + VSS

Hi Guys,I'm working on a desing where I will use two CAT609-E each with a VS-SUP2T-10G.and each chassis with the exact same number and type of WS-X68xx cards.My customer requires among many things, wccp v2. His current solution is doing a L2 redirect...

adcampos by Beginner
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Resolved! Apply ACL rule src/dst to specific subnet

I am trying to create access-list or access-group which matches following on Cisco 3750 switch.SRC:,, not equal to not equal to,, 192.168.0....

Woo Choi by Beginner
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Resolved! show users : users never expired

Basically, I couldn't access one of switch, so I accessed through console and found out 15 vty users logged in. So, I cleared all vty users which are all my sessions. clear line vty #And I adjust exec-timeout option to automatically kill the sessions...

FET-10G vs. SFP-10G-SR

      In  Nexus switches, does the transceivers have to be the same on both ends in order for the connection to work?  Matter of fact, in any Cisco switch, does the transceivers have to be the same on both ends in order for the connection to work?   ...

chandlersb by Beginner
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Nexus 5000 Mac Address Issue

Hello,I have an issue on switches mac address table.I have started ping to a server connected to a Nexus 5000 from a host that also conected to Nexus 5000.Ping results are always succeed.However, when I check server's mac address on Nexus 5000 mac ad...

Cisco 4507R+E with WS-X45-SUP7-E in SSO

Hi,We have a Cisco 4507R+E switch with dual Supervisor engines WS-X45-SUP7-E configured in SSO. I have added total 8 SFP SFP-10GBase-SR installed, and 4 of them (Group 2) they stayed with inactive status. #sh interfaces status module 3Port      Name ...

9U rack arrangement for 2 switches

Hi allI have one 9U rack. I have to arrange 2 switches and 2 patch panelsOne switch is managed(24X100 2X1000) and the other is unmanaged(24 X 1000).Have horizontal cable managers also.I have to connect 30 PCS.Out of the 30 PCs, 24 would get connected...

Trunk port and VLAN issue.

Hey everyone,We have a 4510r switch with multiple VLAN's that we want to interconnect with a 3750 catalyst switch which is in a stacked configuration with another 3750, we want to trunk all of the VLANs to the 3750 using a trunk port on both ends.The...

Resolved! High CPU Utilization in Catalyst 6509 VSS

Hi,The CPU utilization of my Catalyst 6509 VSS switch ( up to 20% or higher ) was always higher than other Catalyst 6509 non VSS switch. The show proc cpu sort are A/F. The IOS version is 12.2(33)SXI4a. Is there any suggestion for the VSS high CPU ut...

jackson.ku by Participant
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