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Greetings,I'm relatively new to Cisco networking and very eager to learn everything I can. Currently the company I work for is undergoing a remodel and expansion. The office building I am in has opened a suite on another floor so employees who are di...

DaleHutch by Beginner
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Hi all,After an inspection of the italian authority i need  the "declaration of conformity" of cisco 2621xm and cisco 2811.  Where can i find it ?Consider that i have gave the following documents, but for the italian authority are not sufficient.Can ...

drascii77 by Beginner
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We have configured a 2960G-24TC-L (Lan Based) switch up with IP address/default gateway (VLan 9) etc and it appears in our network and any device we connect to it has network access but we cannot communicate with it.We use Cisco 2960s IP Based switch...

owens by Beginner
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                   The above is the port status of a problem port , we've connect and Access point to this port . It shows 25650input errors and 8559 CRC error, is it a cabling problem or the port is faulty , what does it means?

hyprayw411 by Beginner
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Dears please could you help me ? in my c3750 i put 3 port to the portchannel  , and the portchannel has traffic of 2 gigbps , and  i see in the Solarwinds that this portchannel has   1000 trasmit  packet discard i can check what for solving that ?

So I am trying to get the FastEthernet 1 interface on my two 4500-X switches configued with a management VLAN IP. I have configured them with an IP Address and have the switchport they are connected to set to an access switchport for the management V...

After connection Android device with JP1081 USB Ethernet adapter to Cisco 2960, the port to which the device is turned off. Android device with JP1081 operates in 10Mb/half-duplex. What is the cause of failures and how to solve this problem?The log s...

I have a requirement to provide the highest level of redunancy between a 3850 stack and 2 x 3925 routersThe routers both have a 4 port switch card and the original thought was to run 2 x L3 port channels to the switch stack, But I have discovered thi...

Dear folks,I have a confusion in one of my deployments. My client ordered initially a UCS 220M3 server, which came along with a windows CD. It was supposed to be used as an LMS 4.1 server. Later on there were some variation and customer wants to have...

Hi guys,Okay so i have 4 cisco switches 3500 and 1 3750E(core switch) on a subnet like 10.1.7.* configured for telnet. Between them telnet works but when i try to access them from a different subnet it doesnt work and i used the ip default gateway co...