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Resolved! port forwarding details

Hello, I want to port forward protocol 8443 to a server behind my Cisco router.My Cisco router is in turn connected to an ADSL PSTN facing router.I understand the command to do this would be:ip nat inside source static tcp {localServerIPAddress} 8443...

fran19422 by Beginner
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Resolved! CP 2.6 viewing problem

I am a Cisco novice.  I have used Configuration a few times with success.  Now I am trying to bind a few DHCP addresses, but the window that opens does not display any action buttons, so I can't add new bindings.  I have tried stretching the window, ...

cpatcisco by Beginner
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Port Security correct answer

what is correct answer for the below question.When you enable port security on an interface that is also configured with a voice VLAN, what is the maximum number of secure MAC addresses that should be set on the port?A. No more than one secure MAC ad...

CCIE Reading

Starting my CCIE studies. It's been recommended to read the Cisco Press TCP/IP books by  Jeff Doyle and Jennifer Carol. There are two volumes, one was published in 2001 and the other 2005. I've seen fairly recent recommendations for both publications...

Resolved! Cisco877 proxyDNS intermittent problem

Hi allI was hoping someone would be able to shed some light on my current problem.Got a Cisco 877W up and running on a PPPoE ADSL2+ connection with my ISP.Router is set up as proxyDNS and the local workstations are configured to use the router as bot...

Monitor Port Destination

Hi I am working on a packet capture/monitoring design - and have a question -Will traffic be forwarded from a Destination Monitor Port - If the capture appliance were to send traffic back.I am assuming this would be blocked/filtered But I am looking ...

SFP Module Slelction

Dear All,I am new user to Cisco configuration tool.How i can find out the compatability and the part code for any SFP module?suppose i am offering a cisco WS-C2960S-24TD-L switch, and want to add 10G module, from whrer i get the part code of the modu...

Port fails POST in loopback test

Hi,I have a Cisco CBS3020-HPQ chassis switch running IOS 12.2.(25r)SEF3.  One of the ports is in "disabled" state but when I try to unshut it, it doesn't work, the switch logs shows the following event:%PLATFORM_ENV-3-LOOPBACK_PORT_POST_ERR: Gi0/1 ca...

Valn between cisco & sonicwall ?

Hi, I am attempting to setup total 8 VLAN’s on a cisco C3560X switch that uses a Sonicwall NSA as the gateway. The VLAN’s need to be completely separate from each other but able to get ip(DHCP) and access the internet via the Sonicwall. My ip plan is...

Resolved! PBR and MQC implemented together

Dears,I need to apply changes to our production network, but I need to fully recognize the impacts for these changes before implementation, briefly we have MQC applied on interface Gi 0/0 and we need to add PBR on the same interface, what are the pre...

Upgrade 6500 with Redundant Sup

We are deploy a upgrade and we have a doubtWe copy the new ios software to the sup and slavesup. After the reset on the slavesup, it is coming up, we can see the boot process, but the console access stops unexpectedly.In the Active Sup we can see all...

mukka by Beginner
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