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why does cisco887 get reloaded?

Hi guys,I have a router  Cisco 887c870-advsecurityk9-mz.124-15.XY3.binWhen I am connecting to the router using Cisco VPN client and trying to ping any host from private range except the cisco's ip address the router gets ...

glebpe185 by Beginner
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OSPF- Why learnt routes are LSA5

Hello Experts,We have three sites among one is the datacentre. these  sites are running with dynamic routing protocol as OSPF. and they are configured as ospf  backbone area i.e area 0.         Site1----Area0-----Datacentre----Area0-----Site2My quest...

Connecting 4 2960 switches

Hi All,I currently have 3 2960's connecting together using daisy chains and I'd like to add a 4th switch into the network. I have been reading that daisy chaining switches together is not the best method and would like to know if a hub&spoke/star top...

Resolved! N55K - ISSU and Bridge Assurance

Hello,Here's hoping someone been through this already and would like to share their experience with me. In preparing for an upcoming upgrade of our serverswitches (N7K and N55K), I've run into a wellknown issue with ISSU and Bridge Assurance, where I...

nexus linecard issues

   We have a 2 new nexus 7000 boxes .   It has a N7k-sup2 , n7k-m148gt-11l   and  a n7k-f248xp-25E cards .   Originally we had a non E F2 card and it would not let us put all the ports in the same vdc .  It was then indicated that if we went to a F2 ...

Resolved! SUP720

Hi,Will a cisco supervisor engine 720 system support the use of all four active  10G uplink ports to make it as 40G uplink ?

Resolved! entry in CEF .

This is a part of the CEF output . How is the attached entry different from last entry where Prefix and Nexthop are equal ?1. Does not the last entry indicate its a connected/attached route ?2. Also for the receive entries means those packets are mea...

Resolved! Nework redesign - Need HELP!!

Hello everyone!Currently we have 2 ISPs. Each ISP connected to 5510 ASA. Each 5510 has 20 ipsec tunnels terminated on. Both ASAs plugged into internal Layer 3 HP switch wich acts as our internal router.We have 3 VLANS. 2 of the vlans are defined with...

howithink by Beginner
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Setup ASA 5510 for two different networks

We currently have 2 ASA 5510's with the base license at two different locations.  There is a VPN set up between the two to allow internal traffic through.  They both have a default route for internet.  The network right now is\25 at locat...

zdoty by Beginner
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Resolved! DHCP - Creating the Static Mapping Text File

I am working with Cisco IOS Software, 1841 Software (C1841-ADVIPSERVICESK9-M), Version 12.4(25c), RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc2) I set dynamic DHCP with no porblem but when I tried use txt file origin fIle tftp:// *time* Dec 24 2010 01:0...

Route-Map- Unused Sequence

Hello,I have a route-map configured and binded to one of my VLAN interface to route all VLAN traffic to a particular destiantion IP.We have matched an access list in sequence 10  where in we permit & and deny a few IPs.There is no match for sequence ...

sayast001 by Beginner
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