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Hello.I have the following transceiver, HP B-series 10Gb SFP+ Short Range Transceiverhttp://h30094.www3.hp.com/product/sku/10360906/mfg_partno/QK726AI would like to know if there is any 10g ethernet module for catalyst 6500 which supports this connec...

dionisisz by Beginner
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hi alli cant apply these commands on asa 8.2 ios : ============================================================== object network RDP-REDIRECT nat (inside,outside) static interface service tcp 3389 3389 object network HTTP-REDIRECT nat (any,outsid...

Dr.X by Explorer
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Our sites connect via routers into a single Metro Ethernet (TLS) VLAN. The main site with most servers and the Internet link uses a 100Mb TLS circuit, same for another big site; the rest are 10Mb. Majority of traffic is outbound from main site to ...

pnicolette by Beginner
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Hi Everybody.when start my router 3600 across the console , it show the next contentIt´s normal this POST?The running of the router is normal, although It loss the comnunication 2 or 3 times per week , , but after  I restart, It´s running correct.I h...

Hello  - could anyone please assist?I'm see constant(often daily) alerts that indicate high CPU on one of our Cisco Cat 6500 core switches.The PIDs refered to are:276 - IP Input560 - PIM Process  Combined, these 2 processes take the CPU over 85%, mos...

Wondering if someone can share some knowledge, its the first time I've had to do this with a cisco router. I need to forward specific ports to the internal ip;UDP 15001-15200TCP 15001I have a standard ADSL model set to bridged mode, a Cis...

chrisgerke by Beginner
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Hi Guys,i have a problem here, i have Two WS-C6506-E model switches. In both switches i am getting below outputs. I some module i am seeing minor/major error.Switch-Pri#sh moduleMod Ports Card Type                              Model              Seri...

Hi AllA client wants to setup a site-to-site VPN with us and they want us to traffic Public IP address through the tunnel. The vpn tunnel is between one of our servers ( and one of their servers. Our server has already been NATted to a p...

mmapa1980 by Beginner
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